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Comment Re:Sadly, I agree with her! (Score 1) 369

Exactly, but those are the exception to the rules. Those who have an inherit passion to do a particular task (coding, playing music, etc...) will do so because of their desire and practice. Now this practice is hidden in the sense that they are constantly perfecting and learning their craft. There are some people who are going to excel and some who aren't. I think the issue is implanting the initial experience and getting them interested first. Just like anything else, it's a marketing and sales strategy. I don't see a problem with it. However, just because they finished Computer Programming 101, it doesn't mean they are not a programmer. Just like a music, just because you can play Little Had a Little Lamb you probably are not going to find people willing to pay you to listen to it. I see both points.

Comment Re:Outsource to IBM? (Score 1) 301

It's because many Indian programmers are subservient and do not fight back. Once that programmer is hired they are leveraged by manager and they have their thumb on them knowing that person will do whatever is asked of them and if not, then you get fired or replaced. And you can't afford to get fired because their visa is being "sponsored" by that company.

Comment Re:So many ways to combat this... (Score 1) 139

I'll give you a hint. Look into the insurance on the debt and how they package any debt collections. There's a lot of money in re-selling debt on collections and the merchants have fraud insurance. There's more money in making a fraud claim than actually recovering product and it's so much easier.

Comment Re:Facking Idiots (Score 1) 387

Well there is something wrong when people believe "the cloud" is the solution. It's a misinterpretation of a concept applied. I think the marketing push for "cloud" services being sold as a end all solution for backups, security and data storage gives off the feeling from the early 2000's where websites were being sold for all the things they could deliver, which they didn't. So to say it has nothing to do with "cloud based", I agree from the technical side, but i disagree from the "cloud" concept and marketing pitch side.

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