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Comment What a weird add (Score 4, Funny) 98

I mean, really it's an odd way to sneak an ad onto /.

I mean, I'm so glad these new computer cases will be compatible with Linux. Really. I accidentally bought a case one time that wasn't, couldn't install Linux Mint or any other distro. Worked with Freebsd, but not Linux. Fortunately this will solve this well known problem.

Comment Re:It happens (Score 1) 167

Yeah this is why you almost never back hardware on kickstarter. I mean software and goods that have a known manufacturing requirement and backing can and do still fail. But at least there the barriers to success are well defined. Once software is done distribution is post scarcity in all practical terms, and already known manufactured goods have no unknown design problems and well defined paths towards manufacturing. But hardware that doesn't exist yet needs to be designed to work, then the manufacturing of this thing that's never been made before has to be worked out, and only then are you on your way towards getting an actual product out.

Comment Maybe one day (Score 1) 121

All they do right now is things I can easily do myself except slower and less conveniently. And that's exactly how I'd thought they'd always stay until I understood the long term goals after reading this: https://www.technologyreview.c... Then I suddenly understood where these things wanted to go and why everyone was investing in them. Unfortunately seems like it'll be a long while till we get there.

Comment Network (Score 2) 1220

Now, I know, it's not science fiction.

But my god if you wanted a movie that predicted the future perfectly that was it. Fox News, crazed personalities spinning "news" as entertainment, the fall of communism, right down to the how easily replaceable people in most industries are. There's even a bit where there's filmed terrorism for the sake of broadcast money. It was supposed to be satire, well guess what there's filmed "terrorism" for broadcast money going on all the time in the middle-east. Faked terrorist attacks filmed on high quality cameras and sold as real to the news networks who buy it all up, one wonders how long before ISIS or whatever the next one will be called will realize there's more money in monetizing their youtube terror youtube video and selling their attacks as news stories than there is in trying to hold oil wells.

Comment Re:Back to divination (Score 3, Funny) 281

No no no no nooo. To establish the guilt of witches they must burn, but we can't burn the innocent. So we have to establish that they are, in fact, witches before burning them. Now, it is a well established fact that witches are made of wood, which is why they burn. Now you could try to make a bridge out of the alleged witch to establish guilt, but bridges can be made of other things. But wood floats! So if the alleged witch floats you have established guilt and may thus burn the witch. But should a pond or other large body of water not be readily available comparing the weight of the accused to that which also floats, such as a duck, is acceptable. And if the accused does indeed weigh as much as a duck, why then guilt has CLEARLY been established!

Comment Re:A decade ago... (Score 1) 316

I just said it made a billion dollars. Disney don't give a fuuuuuuuuck whether you went. Live action Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Aladdin were probably all greenlit this past week with shouts of "I don't care who the hell the 'director' or whatever it is does it, just get it done!" Hell they're probably already planning live action Tangled, Frozen, Brave, and screw it Pocahontas too cause why not.

Comment Re:A decade ago... (Score 1) 316

This is correct, though really I can't blame them. When a shot for shot remake of Beauty and the Beast makes a billion dollars while a new movie has just as much chance to fail as make half that it's not a hard decision. The mass population wants the same exact thing over and over and over again without the slightest surprise, and if they're willing to fork over the dough for who it who's going to argue?

Comment So it's dumb cause regulation? (Score 0) 55

Planes save a ton of fuel by flying higher in the atmosphere to reduce drag. This claims to save a lot of money by doing things inefficiently. Where some of that "deregulation" the US was promised by the Repub- ohhh they're too busy giving more power to noncompetitive monopolies that pay them off. How silly of me, my mistake.

Comment Wait this ISN'T April fools yet??? (Score 1) 300

When I read "Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld ran a UBI program" I thought, ok, this is it. April fools, it's April 1st even in the US, cool cool. Then it links to a fucking real article written long ago. Is this some ultra elaborate /. April first where all the stories seem like they should be jokes but aren't???

Comment Gave up long ago (Score 1) 174

I mean, I used to use them. AIM, and Steam, and Skype, and... shit a few I'm forgetting. That SNAP or whatever it's calling itself is worth billions is just a reminder to me how behind the times the average investor is. Because none of this shit, NONE of it, ever lasts. Your "customers" can switch to another walled off service in about 1 minute without ever going back to the previous one, and from my (and those I know) experience they never will.

It's all an annoying sham. There could, there SHOULD be a way to IM whoever you want, wherever they are, whenever you want, without having to worry about it. But like with email providers the profit margin for that is next to non existent, if it's positive at all. So we'll stick with our infinite round robin of walled off IM gardens, each one replacing the last as time goes on, forever, cause that feels like it should make more money that "ewww" intercompatibility.

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