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Comment Re:Mayer's failure actually WASN'T a failure... (Score 2) 155

If you look at revenues, they're sideways over the past years. So OK, she didn't turn the company around. But she took a has-been company with little really going for it and... well, kept it from going bankrupt. Given that the market cap is currently $50 billion, I think $186 million is not excessive for keeping a sinking ship afloat. Hell, who could have done it? Sure, Jobs did an amazing job turning around Apple when he came back, but it had a strong niche in OS and hardware design, and Yahoo never really had anything like that once they passed their peak. And while I'm not some sort of hard-core feminist, I think there's a bit of hypocrisy that she's taking flak for making money off mediocre performance running a mediocre, has-been company. Any number of male CEOs have had been highly compensated for driving good companies into the ground, to the point that it's hardly even news. It's just sort of expected.

Comment Re:Liit hit! (Score 2) 84

> Think of the amount of data you could store in a single copper BB if the atoms could be used as memory. Holy fuck.

> Ten million Libraries of Congress? 100 million? A billion?

Well -- copper BB's are usually copper coated. Let's assume it is SOLID copper... BB's weigh 5.28 grains at ~6mm; but that is copper coated. I don't remember my density formula at the moment. Let's call it 5 grains.

Copper has a molar mass of ~63.5 g/mol. One mole of an element is defined as 6.022 x 10^23 -- so there's that many atoms in 63.5g of copper. That will give us 9.5 x 10^21 atoms in ONE g of Cu.

Your copper BB storage device would hold roughly:
47,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes.
That's 40 zettabytes or 40 sextillion bytes.

Roughly. :)

Comment Missed (Score 1) 176

Radio Shack, of old, has long been missed. They were dust in the 90's for me. Forget all the up-selling batteries, phones, what's your ZIP? marketing annoyances... I mean the STUFF Radio Shack of the 70's and 80's had. By the 90's it was all gone, too much cell phone, and too much MADE IN CHINA crap that broke too easily.

I just remember way back when. First place I saw a TRS-80. I still use an alarm clock I bought there in '79 I think. I even remember how COOL it was. Compact. Almost LED'ish, and a auto-light sensing dimmer. That didn't make it quite dark enough for me.

Back to Radio Shack. Get some wire. I want a push button double toggle switch -- to cut full power +/- to the display circuit only. Grab a bit - cut a hole, and wire it up. I still push that button to this day. It's probably why it has lasted so long -- the display is usually off...and hasn't faded either.

Synthesizers, drum-pad sets, ah the music you could make there! Bought my first keyboard there. I wouldn't have if I couldn't play with it, in the store, for months -- until I could save up enough to one day finally be able to walk in and buy it.

And what happened to those 100 in one, 150 in one, or the holy grail (for me :) 500 in one electronics sets you could wire up. It had resistors, meters, light sensor, tons of various wire lengths with a great big 11x14 book of schematics and instructions on how to wire cool projects up? It's what got me into electronics, computers, et al. It's the reason the garage door light triggers a circuit and rings the house doorbell today. And why I can change my lights to any color and control them from anywhere on the planet. I was doing that in the 90's -- and sadly Radio Shack never had the parts I needed.

That Radio Shack has, sadly, long since been gone.

Comment Re:Trolling in the summary (Score 1) 277

Gainfully employed bartender in Vermont is a just-so story.

One year previous to your "couple of years ago", Vermont had the highest rate of illicit drug usage in the US.

Did your "free-roaming vacation" take you past the burnout hovels in St. Alban, Winooski, Brattleboro, Barre, Rutland? If so, I'm guessing you didn't have an hour-long wait at the bar in a Rutland Saturday night friends-and-family shooting gallery.

My point is that your just-so story about how a single (or a dozen) hard-working bartenders in Vermont provide a much better population context for socialist governance than people "three generations deep in Section 8 housing and welfare" is an anecdote that says nothing about the benefits of socialist economic agenda in urban and rural contexts.

Comment Re:This will never happen, even if I want it to. (Score 2) 273

Snowden embarrassed the Obama administration. As much as I think he should be pardoned and let back onto US soil, Obama won't do it. Trump certainly won't either.

What makes you say Trump won't pardon Snowden?

I oppose Trump in almost every way imaginable, but I do think it's very possible he would pardon Snowden.

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