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Comment Re:This will never happen, even if I want it to. (Score 2) 273

Snowden embarrassed the Obama administration. As much as I think he should be pardoned and let back onto US soil, Obama won't do it. Trump certainly won't either.

What makes you say Trump won't pardon Snowden?

I oppose Trump in almost every way imaginable, but I do think it's very possible he would pardon Snowden.

Comment Easy (?) (Score 1) 196

I'm trying to understand *how* this is happening.
First I always change the admin password. Manufacturers should require this, step 1, before the device will work. Problem 1 solved.

I use a router. UPnP is always disabled. Thus:
The IoT devices should also be configured to work "openly" (IMHO) if they're on 192.168, 169.254, or a 10. DHCP'd network. Are people plugging them into a ISP port directly giving it full inbound access from the Internet? I've never set one up that way. Only a router.

I guess now I expect people to know which port and how to open it up. I'm paranoid enough to not do that even directly -- ie: all video sources are aggregated to a server which *is* open on one https port. I know to except my self-signed certificate. Yeah, I guess this should be easier if security is required (it should be).

I won't use Comcast to check / open my garage door remotely. I wrote my own program. The idea of using *any* service provider with access to my cameras isn't going to happen.

What users need is a touch-screen router with easy setup buttons for user specific settings (port, type, etc), and a menu for known IoT devices: ie swipe to find Frigidaire milk cam, enter admin password. Configured.

Only the router goes to the ISP.

Comment Fuckin' Drive (Score 1) 313

Overbooking flights is the least of the problems that you (or I) have with the Airlines. Frankly, flying just sucks all around now.

How many seats can we cram in? How many more rows can we stuff them into? How small can we make the bathroom. Just how bad can the food get? What else can we possibly do to charge these slimy people we call customers? How much more miserable can we make them???

It's why I don't fly that much anymore. I'm talking maybe one flight every ten years now. If I can drive it -- I will. It's the reason I bought a really really nice fucking car.

Let's see -- be at the airport 2-3 hours BEFORE the flight. I remember showing up half and hour before the flight and it was no problem. That was then. This is now. It takes another hour to get to the airport (my problem, but now theirs). Sometimes two hours if traffic is shit like it is during the holidays. Plus flight time to get where ever I'm trying to go. Plus another hour or two at the other end to get to the final destination after getting a car, etc. Add it all's almost 10-12 hours to get somewhere within 5 hours of flight. I can drive that in a couple of days -- and here's the thing ... be much more RELAXED when I arrive. Did I mention the nice fuckin' car? LOTS of room. I can get out and walk around any time I want. I pick the washroom I want to use. They're huge.

Thank god I don't need to travel for business. Suckers.
I wish I could drive to Hawaii. That flight sucks...

I remember going to the movies. Then the seats started getting smaller and smaller. Cram more people in. Just like the airlines. I stopped going there too. Except one recent movie trip -- and I was blown away. HUGE electric reclining seats. Almost as good as the ones in my home built theatre. I may just go back again.

Funny -- if the airlines would charge me TWICE as much, and cut the bullshit charges along the way. Remove half the rows (or more now) and give me a nice big lav -- perhaps the entire tail section would be nice. You know, make it like it was in the 60's and 70's ... or better. I just might consider flying a whole hell of a lot more than I do now (which is never).

Oh, and fuck United. I am a Delta share holder. LOL


Comment Fuck them (Score 1) 254

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again: FUCK MICROSOFT

Fortunately for me, myself, and I don't use their product(s) anymore. Haven't for over a decade now.

And thankfully, where we must (accounting at work) ... I control the router. * was/is blocked. Windows is an appliance to run a few apps and those stations are blocked from any Internet access altogether anyway.

Fuck Microsoft. See, I said it again.

Comment Re: No More Muslims (Score 1) 588

These alt-left stories do nothing but galvanize the other 60% of the country that voted for Trump.

Are you looking to build a fake news story because with those numbers you're off to a good start

Almost 50% of eligible voters in the US did not vote in the 2016 General Election, and Trump captured 46% of those votes which comes to about 23% of all eligible voters.

23% of the country is 160% less than the 60% you claim.

Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

I'm going to have to call bullshit on that. There isn't a single majority Muslim country on the planet that isn't a dictatorship or a theocracy. Majority Muslim countries despise minority religions in their borders. Where is this 'decent Muslim majority' hiding?

The fourth-most populous country in the world, Indonesia, is a republic and is majority Muslim.

Comment Deleted it (Score 1) 403

I had Windows 10. Gave it a honest try. Piece of shit. Reminds me of Vista and Me...but slower and uglier. And they had to "move" everything. After 10 months or so I just realized I hated using it. So I deleted it -- last week actually.

I have really only one need (left) to run Windows anything -- accounting & reporting software @ work. Windows for me has just become an annoyance appliance required to run a couple of windows.

My "go to" today would be Windows 7. 32 bit is still faster (?) and 64 bit is problematic for the one 16 bit app __still__ in use. Ugh. I was just this past week deciding if I should just go back to XP to run the required apps. XP is still WAY faster than all of the above. It's not like Windows is used for web access anymore (or even has access to the Internet). It's just a intranet app layer...

iOS in my pocket, MacOS on my desktop, and Linux for literally everything else -- IoT and every damn server I have.

Fuck Microsoft.

Comment Another good product gone (Score 3, Interesting) 238

I find this disappointing. For me the AirPort Express was *THE* choice to use -- and I still use AirPlay on them too.

My biggest problem was covering 90 thousand square feet area (indoors and out). I bought thousands and thousands of dollars worth of various router brands (and returned them all) trying to do this. Key word would be reliably. They all suck. Except Apple's. The AirPort's ability to relay / extend the network wirelessly made it the winner. They just work...

Their form factor made them easy to deploy too -- no ugly antenna's all over the place. Sure, lack of antenna may have limited their range ... I just bought more of them.

Now I'm back to square one again. Ugh.

Comment Re:Fat chance o'dat (Score 3, Informative) 215

You're missing the GP's point.

If your phone can be searched without warrants and without technical encumbrance it's fairly certain that there will be something on it that can be used to implicate you in a crime of some sort.

Federal and municipal law is not only filled with arcana but also with many outdated laws that could be used to convict people who are basically upstanding citizens.

Until 2003, for example, sodomy laws were valid in 14 US states. Another example is that it is illegal to discard mail delivered to you but addressed to someone else, a federal crime punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

tl;dr: chances are very high that a search of your smartphone could provide incontrovertible evidence that you have violated a crime.

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