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Comment Sounds Familiar. (Score 5, Interesting) 157


Professor Michael Delp, one of the researchers, said: "We know very little about the effects of deep space radiation on human health, particularly on the cardiovascular system."

We do however know a lot about the effects of terrestrial radiation on human heath... a long-term side effect of radiation therapy to the chest area can be a increased risk of heart disease... apparently. :-/

Comment Re:Go figures? (Score 1) 607

It's not just about ageing skewing the death rate higher in the future, it's about medical improvements in general, particularly vaccination and antibiotics, which skewed death rates across the board; there would have been a dip in death rates around the 1960's/1970's which consequently introduces an equivalent peak around about now.

Comment Linked PDF.... (Score 3, Insightful) 113

It has lots of pretty pictures...

But interesting parts:
Page 19 - pie chart of emissions inventory - largest segment is transportation, 55%, so needs most attention.
Page 37 - plan of action is to get 25% of transport done via public transport by 2035... in California... which has 840 cars per 1000 people...

Good luck with that.

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