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Comment Re:To streamline future posts (Score 1) 311

That's why most solar installations are tied to the grid: you help your local utility meet their peak demand during the day, and they let you use cheap electricity at night. Wind tends to blow whenever it wants to, and this power could come from a faraway wind farm in Wyoming. In fact, there were reports recently that wind farms often have to be turned off at night because there is not enough power demand:

Comment Slow news day? (Score 1) 296

Where is CmdrTaco when you need him?

Write once run everywhere is not exactly a new and groundbreaking concept. The Adobe AIR runtime has been out for over two years now. It includes both the Flash player and WebKit and all Adobe has done recently is to tweak their authoring tools to cover the iPhone and (presumably) the iPad.

This demo is quite obviously part of the orchestrated media push surrounding the pending CS5 release. The demo is hardly newsworthy in itself.

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