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Comment Re:Hobby drone (Score 1) 97

lost me at economies of scale but i know im not some drone that always needs to be aware of some evasive bs or whatever or whatever should not be evading anything because it should not be felt there is anything to hide due to history and all that stuff, so am i posting like this just to validate myself because i could care less if people are narcissistic. everybody is but its nothing to make a big deal out of. im not even trying to outsmart anyone but having to constantly defend yourself sh ouldnt be necessary hasnt anyone ever seen double jeopardy, i mean god damn how many times do i have to reinvent the wheel as if science never existed nor did english nor dictionaries? I dont even want to post this due to slashdot being imho a much better web site and not obsessed with comparing the size of everyones

Comment Re:Encryption is still no good against jamming (Score 1) 97

to the void said the paranoid android but the name of the band escapes me. is there an app for name that song or am i in the wrong forum? is ther a lgorithm to detect if your credit card may have been stolen due to unusual activity or some other pattern that is awry? i would figure that police drones would detect such things or any kind of drone not made from hobby kit parts that was to be used in such a way. do they not learn from history these pesky humans always asking for captchas to confirm you are a human or whatever? what happened to the internets?

Comment Where are the extra costs to ISP's ?? (Score 1) 292

Am I reading something wrong. After looking into this, it seems Netflix is providing these caching appliances to ISP's for free, as well as free technical support from Netflix engineers for setup. These devices would be loaded with data during off-peak times. The only extra cost I can see is the electricity required to power these devices. I'm no networking expert, but would this also be offset by the advantage of more content being delivered locally, which would mean less bandwidth utilization on the backbone? Am I wrong here? Help me find the extra cost thatt would be carried down to the consumer.

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