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Man Finds Divorce Papers, Tax Docs On "New" Laptop 218

An anonymous reader writes "25-year-old Hidayat Sudirman found that his new laptop came loaded with more than just the usual software, it also contained 10GB of someone else's documents. From the article: "A buyer on the lookout for a new laptop got more than he bargained for at his local computer fair when the 'new' device came loaded with over 10GB of personal documents — including divorce papers and tax returns."

Comment Re:At first I wondered... (Score 1) 527

where do the taliban in Afghanistan get the lions share of their cash? Well they dont just grow all those Poppies because they're pretty.

So... by legalizing it this will hurt the Taliban somehow? Are you suggesting that it be law that you can only buy it from US poppy fields or something? If you're caught with the drugs, how would the police/government know weather it came from America or Afghanistan?

Just imagine if all the profits made from heroin went to helping the addicts instead of up a big criminal chain.

You really think this would happen? Do all the profits from the sale of tobacco go to helping the addicts? Of course not! They go to people who are already very rich, and the addicts just have to go on buying their product. Having said all this, I'm all for the legalization of cannabis. It doesn't really hurt anyone and alcohol is actually a much more dangerous substance. But heroin et al. are a different story completely, and should remain illegal IMO.

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