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Comment Prescription Glasses Confound It! (Score 1) 150

In Australia, when returning to the country at a major international airport one can go through the express lane. This uses facial recognition software to recognise one's face. However, in a passport photo one is not allowed to wear glasses and I'm significantly short sighted and can never actually see well enough to press the relevant buttons, get back in time and take my glasses off.

Ergo, I can only do it with glasses on and the machine's simply cannot recognise me.

Then, I have another problem as well, which is totally irrelevant to this thread but I'm an Asian looking guy (i.e. genetically Asian), in Australia with long hair (it's at least half way down my back). But I refuse to wear it in a pony tail like most other long haired Asian men in Australia and thus am easily mistaken as a woman. It doesn't hurt that I'm completely comfortable with my sexuality and refuse to participate in the sexist, male chauvinistic culture that would also identify me as a man.

So, all it takes is glasses to fool the machines and hair to fool the humans.

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