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Comment Re:No kidding (Score 2) 277

So, I wonder what reasons can be given to obtain this information, and then how will that be done? Will they have "trigger" words in their data bases to look for online suspicious activity? Warrants? Illegal wiretapping? And then all that need be done since this will be a database is simply type in a name? Why stop there? Oh, I see "so-in-so" facebook page talks about WikiLeaks and posts docs, they could be a threat to US security... or, maybe, next proxies will be forbidden. Who knows. Land of the free my a**

Comment Re:Using multiple envs... (Score 1) 289

hehe that sounds interesting!! :O I have multiple boots, and I use to boot into either kds or gnome, flux, ect, this last go around on reformat, I chose gnome again, but but with kdm, still gives me that classic gnome feel, with all the kde advantages. I havent fiddled much with workspaces. I might have to do some experimenting later on, lol

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 2) 289

This is definitely something worth arguing about.

You're right, as I DO use both kde and gnome. One does say System Settings, the other is Control Center. Hence, I've run into the same situation with "screensaver: which now I have 2 entries, both of which are identical, but alas, click the wrong one, and it asks you if you want to shut down gnome. What a pity that Gnome & KDE devs have to act like a couple of kids in a sandbox, and you stole my toy.

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