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Submission + - Industry Canada Edits Minister's Wikipedia Article (michaelgeist.ca)

Lucky writes: Michael Geist reports that the head of Industry Canada, Jim Prentice, has had his Wikipedia anonymously amended multiple times over the past week with regular attempts to remove any copyright criticism. The IP address of most of the anonymous edits trace back to Industry Canada. Industry Canada is in part responsible for Canada's copyright laws. Jim Prentice has repeatedly tried to introduce copyright reform in Canada to bring it in line with American-style copyright, public and industry backlash has delayed him each time.

Submission + - Stop Global Warming With Smog?

lkypnk writes: According to reports in many papers, Nobel Prize winning scientist Paul Crutzen has suggested deliberately spreading a layer of particulate matter in the upper atmosphere to help reflect some of the sun's energy in an effort to combat global warming. He reminds us that the eruption of the volcano Pinatubo in 1991 cooled the planet by as much as 0.9 degrees; he believes his computer simulations show a similar effect from deliberate injection of sulfur into the atmosphere by humans.

Whatever the reality of the idea, as the president of the National Environmental Trust said, 'We are already engaged in an uncontrolled experiment by injecting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.'

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