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Submission + - Why Do Engineers Spend 80 Percent of Their Time Getting Rid of Code They Write?

liveedu writes: Writing code is an excellent exercise to strain your brain cells. Programming has become so versatile that engineers from different trades need to code on a daily basis. If you are an engineer, you already know that coding is a necessary skill and should be improved upon on a daily basis. But did you know that engineers spend 80 percent of their time getting rid of the code they write? Yup, you read it right!

The first reason is nothing to be proud of! But that’s a common issue among engineers who code. Writing code requires logical and spatial thinking, and sometimes engineers are not up to the mark. Most engineers don’t follow the guidelines to write great code!

Submission + - SPAM: The Top 11 Productivity Tips for Coding Engineers

liveedu writes: A programmer’s productivity is measured using LOC and the quality of the code written. As productivity for programmers is hard to measure due to project complexities, LOC is used to give a rough estimate. If you ever wondered how to become a productive coding engineer, you can read through the top 11 productivity tips. They will surely help you to improve your craft. Streaming your projects online can be a great motivational booster for you. One of the major problems that coding engineers have is not being regular with their coding sessions or sprint. The irregularities happen when you don’t broadcast your work. Staying disciplined and committed can help you to improve your productivity. For example, you can broadcast your project streaming to special platforms like Livecoding to find an appropriate audience.

Submission + - The Top 5 Java 8 Features for Developers (

liveedu writes: When Java 8 was released two years ago, the community graciously accepted it, seeing it as a huge step toward making Java better. Its unique selling point is the attention paid to every aspect of the programming language, including JVM (Java Virtual Machine), the compiler, and other help-system improvements.

Java is one of the most searched programming languages according to Tiobe index for July 2016, where Java ranks number one. Its popularity is also seen on Livecoding, a social live coding platform for engineers around the world, where hundreds and thousands of Java projects are broadcasted live.

Read all about Top Java Features for Developers on InfoWorld.

Submission + - Best Practices for Code Documentation in Java (

liveedu writes: Code documentation is a necessary evil that every developer has to deal with. Almost every programming language has different ways of approaching code documentation, and today, we will discuss the best practices of code documentation in Java. With Java, anyone can easily create enterprise-level applications. It is object-oriented in nature and is suited for developing any modern web application. Not to mention it can also be used in creating web apps, games, desktop applications, mobile applications, etc.

There are many ways of approaching code documentation in Java, but they do have a caveat. Not every approach can be equated to good practice, but that doesn’t mean you cannot work with anything besides best practices. Feel free to change the paradigm if your project needs it.

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