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Comment It's up to you (Score 1) 418

My Mom went back to college to finish her math ed degree my freshman year of college (nothing like going to college with your Mom!) She ended up graduating a few years later with a degree in CS and a job offer (up to that point she was terrified of computers, let alone programming). About 10 years later, I got a job through her at a video game shop (she was my project lead). She now specializes in mobile development. At the end of the day, YOUR only as old as old as YOU mentally place YOURSELF (Mom is about 12).

Comment Proffesional AV Gear (Score 5, Informative) 120

I did AV for a theme park in '99, and have done AV for several themed restaurants since then. When you're talking about putting together a system that's expected to run without a hitch 14 - 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, it's a lot like putting together a server you know will need high availability and reliability. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by getting something mediocre to do the job. The rule of thumb in theme/amusement park AV is to use solid state as much as possible (minimize your downtime to the extreme). My personal gear of choice is Alcorn McBride ( They have an 8 track unit that would to what you need it to do. I've used several of the binloop over the years, and with a near zero issue rate (and what issues I did have were due to a missing firmware update). And as a matter of disclosure, I did become a dealer for them after becoming familiar with their gear on the '99 project.

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