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Comment Re:Pro-science can be bad too (Score 1) 322

Both the creationist agenda and the "pro-science" eugenics you describe stem from the same root problem. Neither religion nor science is in itself an inherently bad thing--in fact they're both arguably inherently good things. Religion helps people find peace in their lives and science helps us attempt to objectively learn how the world works. The problem occurs when people use these self-contained ideas to justify the imposition of their own agenda on others.

These days as I see how religion is dividing our nation and the world along seemingly arbitrary lines and in some cases denying people what should be standard human rights, it often feels as if the bad aspects of religion might outweigh the good. And as a scientist, I was initially up-in-arms about your comments equating being "pro-science" with promoting eugenics. But it serves as a good reminder that no one is immune, that any idea can be tainted and perverted by people who want to use the power behind that idea to rally people to their own cause. And so at the end of the day, both science and religion must be judged on their own proper merits, and we must learn to draw much sharper distinctions between what being "pro-religion or pro-science" should be (ie.someone supporting the existence of these schools of thought--promoting freedom of religion and funding of scientific research) and crassly using their ideas to achieve his or her own ends.

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