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Submission + - Cisco lays off 120 people (

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that most are in marketing and comms — they slashed HALF the department. But the PR firm knows nothing about it and Cisco's remaining comms people don't seem to have time to reply to questions about it...

Submission + - How IBM attracts, promotes and keeps women in tech (

backabeyond writes: The National Association for Female Executives list of top 50 companies for executive women list had only FOUR tech companies on it. IBM is one and it has been on the list for 17 years. The company has a bunch of programs designed to support women including classes. Sounds like its policies are replicable elsewhere...

Submission + - Spot-On Security Tips for Mac OS X Leopard

Esther Schindler writes: "Mac OS X is generally unappealing to malicious hackers. But since its popularity is bound to attract notice from the bad guys, writes Lisa Morgan for in Spot-On Security Tips for Mac OS X Leopard, the new version of Apple's operating system sports several security features that users and IT departments should know about."

Submission + - Weigh in on the OOXML issue during live debate

lisah writes:'s Robin 'Roblimo' Miller will moderate a live debate Wednesday, December 5, between the GNOME Foundation's press officer Jeff Waugh and fair competition advocate Roy Schestowitz. Both have strong — and opposing — points of view regarding GNOME's involvement with Microsoft's OOXML standard and vehemently defend their positions, so getting them together in the same virtual room ought to prove quite interesting.

Although the broadcast will be archived as a podcast and available for free download, you can listen live as it's recorded and also call in to participate and ask questions.

Submission + - Linux Mag cuts to the chase about Android

G Adler writes: Linux Magazine's Editor in Chief cuts through the hype about Android and the fabled 'gPhone' to suggest that, though Google's announcement was a bit disappointing, it also gives FOSS a new — and perhaps better — market to slip into.

Submission + - Forbes' Dan Lyons wants to be BFF with Linux

Anastasia Beaverhousen writes: In what many will consider either a total change of heart (or complete BS), Forbes columnist Dan Lyons was caught on video at a recent conference professing his undying love for Linux. The words, "pry it out of my hands at gunpoint" were even used at one point. Oh, and he also let the world know that he isn't sleeping with Stallman. We can all exhale now.
Linux Business

Submission + - Shuttleworth Makes Up Usage Statistics on the Spot ( 2

Dr. Smoove writes: "At one point in Mid-October, Shuttleworth says they have in excess of six million users. A little less than a year ago, in December 2006, Shuttleworth claims they have *at least* 8 million users. So either Ubuntu has lost a couple million users, or Shuttleworth pulls his numbers out of a hat."
The Courts

Submission + - A patent infringement suit cheat sheet

Count Blah writes: Having trouble figuring out who all the players are and who's doing what with the patent infringement suit slapped on Red Hat and Novell? This playbook spells it all out for you.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Alien Arena 6.10: FPS game for Linux that's fun

lisah writes: Linux users who like FPS games are usually out of luck because precious few good games of that sort exist. Alien Arena 6.10 was released today and, according to a review at, it kicks the competition's butt — and uses 10 different kinds of weaponry to do it.

Submission + - First governmental OLPC purchase imminent? 1

lisah writes: Lots of countries have said they're interested in buying OLPC's XO laptops but none have ponied up the cash yet. Uruguay announced this week that OLPC's computers passed their litmus test and it looks like they're about to buy 100,000 units with an option on 50,000 more.

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