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Comment Re:And us too - soon (Score 1) 394

We have freedom though.

"Freedom" is a loose concept that's made up of a collection of personal and collective rights. Among many, included are the right to privacy, the right to anonymous speech, and the protection against the unwarranted search of your effects. These are protected by law and legal precedent in the US because they are all critical to creating and maintaining a free society.

Mass government surveillance is a crack in the larger edifice of freedom and the chilling effects it causes will tend to make those cracks spread and get larger. And to make it all worse, the return on investment -- freedoms for promised security -- is a joke.

As others point out, we are orders of magnitude more likely to die in a car crash than an act of terror and yet people complain every day about seat belt laws. A rational re-evaluation of priorities is desperately needed today.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 253

Well said. The only thing I would add is research shows that willpower is a limited resource and is depleted and replenished over time. A successful diet requires managing that resource and not starving yourself of willpower because that's when you fall off the wagon and the diet breaks or fails completely.

Finding ways to make yourself feel good about the diet and the progress you're making, along with normal day to day happiness is crucial for a successful diet. This is 10 times more important for people who use food as a form of comfort, which is a fair number of overweight folks.

Comment Re:Popcorn time! (Score 1) 1321

If you actually read, and try to track back to the source material, the summary is highly inaccurate.

There's been a lot of this going around in Slashdot lately and, frankly, it's starting to get annoying.

Is it the inaccurate summaries you're referring to, or the tracking back to the source material? Because neither of those things are recent to /., and I'm sure some of the site's regulars would consider both annoying...

Comment Re:Tizen proprietary? (Score 1) 122

Speaking of which, even Android is TiVo-ized, since you can't install your modified version of Android on your phone w/o breaking things

Just "breaking things" isn't what makes something Tivoized. It's when the system is designed to prevent executing custom or modified code through the use of something like digital signatures. A locked phone which normally runs a modified version of GNU/Linux and also refuses to execute code that isn't signed by the carrier would be an example of Tivoized hardware, but the Android software itself isn't Tivoized at all.

Comment Re:surprised (Score 2) 333

Well, I strongly prefer an UI like in Windows 7 and want to be in full control of updates.

I completely agree with you, but full control over updates is no longer a selling point of Windows 7. Microsoft has moved to a single monthly rollup package for Windows 7 which always includes all previous updates and is only all-or-nothing. So, for example, the November 2016 update that comes out next week will include all updates from the August 2016, September 2016, and October 2016 update packages.

It's a step backwards in every possible way and exists solely to make it easy for Microsoft to shove whatever updates they want down their users' throats. The Windows 10 GWX fiasco has taught them a valuable lesson about the dangers of consumer choice and giving users control over their computers.

Comment Re:Not really new, folks... (Score 1) 89

Nice. I spent many hours messing around with POV-Ray on my old 400 Mhz Pentium II (and many more hours waiting for scenes to render...). Sadly I lost everything from that period when the drive crashed.

It's fun to look at mid-90's computer generated images and see how much has changed. I went through a folder of old Digital Blaspheme wallpapers (remember those?) a while back and they just look so quaint now.

Comment Re:You would think science could help (Score 1) 275

Yes, because everyone know, you have to mow down thousands of acres of trees to build a platform and processing area that is smaller than one acre in size...

Oh that's right, you basically don't destroy any trees to frack. Very empty headed logic, or you just don't understand the science behind drilling.

Comment Re:Might as well break the ice (Score 1) 342

For me, a lot of it comes down to time. If I decide I want to watch a movie, I don't really want to plan it out as an activity. I want to sit on my couch in something comfortable with a snack and take it in. What I don't want to do is: figure out when / where there is a showing that fits into my schedule; clothe myself appropriately for going out in public; transport myself to that location / find somewhere to park; stand in a line to be herded into a theatre; watch a half-hour worth of commercials (or try to show up after all the ads but risk not getting a good seat). As a side note, theatres should consider doing away with the front three or four rows: it's impossible to see the whole screen, it's uncomfortable to crane your neck in a manner that lets you even try to take in the whole thing, and forget about reading subtitles from that range. They'll happily take the same money from you as they would for any other ticked to sell you this horribly sub-standard "experience".

Comment Re:Google Page? (Score 3, Insightful) 197

Where's the Google page for this? I don't see it in the store or at /pixel.

It's at the adorable subdomain. Because of course that makes sense.

I'd also like to know why it's so difficult for Slashdot editors to include a link to the Google page. Shitty link farms like BGR obviously don't link back to Google but it would be nice if Slashdot would hold itself to a higher standard.

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