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Journal Journal: free will, or predefined future 1

Ok, so I've been thinking on whether or not we really have free will. Granted we can choose to do this or that, but one can argue that at the end of they day, all the things we did and choices we made were predefined.

Lets say you have a choice of a red or blue pill. Say you take the red one. It can be argued that was meant to be, and the probability that you would have taken the blue pill was zero.

Now suppose you could see the future, and saw that if you took the blue pill, life would suck, so you actively choose to take the red pill because the outcome would be benificial to you. Take that further and just suppose you could make all your choices by your actual preference of the future.

How can you predict the future? It would take an unreal amount of thought/computational power, but you could model the universe down to every atom and run a simulation, or at least a scaled down version of this. But what if there are other beings that can predict the future? it them becomes unpredictable!

Furthermore, if nothing can predict the future, then we have free will, because nothing can effect your choices by their preference. If they were to act on their preferences, you would be effected (assuming you have contact with them) and hence no more free will.

I think that it begins to boils down to this:
We have free will assuming that nothing can predict the future, or it chooses not to excercise that gift.

Assuming we have free will, that makes any predictions by God impossible, else he has chosen not to excercise his ability. Not trying to go all religous here, as I am not very, but it makes you wonder. What this means is that there are no miracles or interactions will god anymore, or at least they are very limited, or else we don't have completely free will because God would guide us.

Do you prefere something guides you in your choices? Many would say yes, but many would also say no. So does God only effect those who seek him first, because effecting others would be taking some of their free will? I guess when you accept God, you are forfitting some of your free will in order to have his guidance, assuming that he acts on his abilities at all.

I'm at work, and MAN AM I BORED!

Thoughts? anyone? eh?

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