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Comment Re: Certainly can't hurt (Score 1) 84

sourceforge already does integration with git, svn, and mercurial. The problem is that they basically are just hosting a repo then, but can't do advanced options easily because they support all 3.

Honestly, probably the top things imho:
1. allow feature requests that the dev can put a price on, and people can donate toward specific features.
2. Better source code integration like github has, even if only for git.

Some fucking markdown on slashdot would be great too. Typing html tags into comments is so fucking dirty.

Comment Re:Shouldn't this be obvious? (Score 4, Insightful) 150

Because the reality is that the only thing that can fix bad schools are better teachers AND involved parents... the parents are hard to come by in such areas, and the good teachers don't want to work in those schools for their already shitty pay. Thus, you get school systems throwing money at the problem and making complex new programs to distract from the fact that not much is changing.

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