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Comment If at first you don't succeed, give up? (Score 1) 657

Well, first of all, Flash on android has been out for the better part of a month, depending on what device you have. Sorry that you can't watch every video on the internet on a .1 release of something. Just because everything from the desktop platform doesn't translate perfectly to the mobile platform is not a reason to not include the ability to use it. Some > none, especially with the prospect of the platform *maturing*. "While in theory Flash video might be a competitive advantage for Android users, in practice it's difficult to imagine anyone actually trying to watch non-optimized web video on an Android handset," writes Lawler. "All of which makes one believe that maybe Steve Jobs was right to eschew Flash in lieu of HTML5 on the iPhone and iPad."" How is it difficult to imagine people watching web videos on their handset? Concerning optimized versus non-optimized, this is exactly why Adobe has guidelines to optimize videos for mobile flash player (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/devices/articles/delivering_video_fp10.1.html) and part of the reason this person had an inconsistent experience with trying to watch flash video on their handset. This quote seems to also be saying that if a software company can't deliver a feature 100% bug-free and perfect on the first version, then don't try at all. If that were the case, Apple shouldn't have allowed mobile safari to parse any HTML5 and just stuck with HTML4 - trying to run several chrome experiments (www.chromeexperiments.com) on an iPad when it first came out resulted in failure, while I was able to use them on my desktop computer. This whole thing just sounds like an uneducated half-nerd decided he'd get in on the flame war between apple fanboys and android fanboys just for the hell of it. I have a feeling they don't know that both flash and html5 aren't solely video technologies and it's kinda sad they are getting any press at all.

Comment When I got my my service shut off for bandwidth... (Score 1) 574

I thought I had just broken a rule that was stated in the terms of service document. While on the phone with the representative, he informed me that I had used 440gb of bandwidth that month, which is high for me, which made it hard for me to gauge how much is too much since they don't specify a number in the TOS. I asked the guy if he could give me a number so that i wouldn't be blacklisted for a year, and all he said was to be reasonable. Unfortunately, what seems reasonable to me is clearly not reasonable to them and that arbitrary of a term shouldn't be used when the service in question is easily quantifiable... He said that normally such use would bring an instant year suspension of service but since i lied and told him that my router was unsecured and my neighbors must have been using it (not true) he told me to secure it and don't do it again.

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