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Comment Re:Gross oversimplification (Score 1) 191

As you can see, I replied incorrectly to your post...
So what you are saying it that our government could possibly exert unlawful and unconstitutional pressure on the judicial branch of State? Not our beloved Sócrates and PS, the "true" champions of freedom and the People, right? Ehehe... F*ck, never have I so badly wanted to get the hell out of this sh*thole...Anyone need an IT pro somewhere not in Portugal?

Comment Re:Gross oversimplification (Score 1) 191

It's pretty simple.In the "Farfalha" case in Açores, the whole deal was solved in half a year...Not big-shot lawyers, no public figures, justice was swift and hard. Pedos in jail, life goes on.
In this case, we know all too well what is going on. For instance, if Carlos Cruz is innocent, why is he warning that he'll reveal the list of ALL suspects by the end of the month? Why is RTP (public TV, his former employer) endorsing an un-official populist whitewash in his defense? And why were Pedroso's (former "rising start" socialist minister) and damages overthrown by the appeal court (apparently, the kids who accused him weren't lying...)? Were the kids all delusional? Is our justice system so messed up that 6 years of trial couldn't prove anything? Let's face it: we know that pedophilia is widespread in some areas of Lisbon and a lot of top public figures are into it...Some got caught this time.

Comment Re:Insane!!! (Score 1, Flamebait) 191

The trial took 6 years. This glitch is only taking a few days, "should" be sorted out by Monday. BTW, they're appealing the decision, so possibly they'll get way with no time in prison. On the other hand, the sentences are like 6/7 years for 3/4 counts of child abuse (that equates to less than 2 years per count). Since our penal code has been "conveniently" changed by the socialists in government (which, coincidently, had a former big-shot minister implicated in the case), if convicted they are only required to serve 1/4 of the sentence (by then, they can ask the prison director to spend the rest at home). That's how we handle pedophiles in Portugal...

Comment Re:Debt (Score 3, Interesting) 368

Maybe we have low wages because we have one of the lowest productivity rates in Europe. Compared to the productivity of a German, a medium Portuguese "earns" more. And what about the "11-months worked/14-months payed"? That makes all the sense too. Or maybe the fact that we have such a heavy tax burden too helps explain that (an employer must set aside about 1.500€ to pay you 1.000€). Or the fact that half of the economy is in the State's hands. Guess only the "greedy neoliberals" are to blame, not our benevolent (our should I say corrupt?) government...And don't start with the "TVI/FoxNews" comparison, because I pass on watch RTP/SIC/TVI altogether. And by the way, our public debt should reach 110% by next year and our total external debt exceeds 350% of GDP (far worse than Greece's). Too bad the article says absolutely nothing about our energy efficiency, which is one of the worst in Europe. Of course enhancing this doesn't "sell" anything and doesn't make Mexia's (EDP's CEO) account balance grow by another couple a million per year. But if we were as efficient as say, Finland, we'd need significant less energy to start with and maybe we could ditch the whole wind-energy scheme, that's going to burden us for years to come. Don't forget we are NOT paying for most of this "brave new world" of renewables since electricity prices have been set by government to a lower value than actual production costs (the deficits just keep on pilling up, and sooner or later must be payed...with interests). That's why subsidies are then pulled off in Spain and Germany: because it's a huge burden for the economy.

Comment Re:Debt (Score 1) 368

What about the +900.000 Intel Classmate computers (aka Magalhães) that were handed out by government? The same educational purpose could be achieved by having much less computers (like using them in the classroom, with proper tutoring and supervision from a teacher) and, guess what, much less energy would be used (and wasted, by not spending endless hours playing games and watching porn, because we all now what most of the kids do with their Magalhães). And apparently given out computers to poorer families with low skills doesn't make much difference (probably for worse, since the kids now have a new "toy" to play with and their parents don't give a crap about what they are using that tool for). But hey, just pour money into a problem solves it, right? That's why our education system is our pride! Or maybe not...

Submission + - Gates foundation deathly side-effects (latimes.com) 3

HuguesT writes: An long and detailed article from the L.A. Times points out severe, unintended side effects of the health policies of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. This foundation has given away almost 2 billions US$ to the fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria worldwide. Thanks in no small measure to this effort, the death toll from AIDS in most of Africa are finally levelling off. However, the money from the foundation is earmarked to the fight against these three diseases, to the detriment of global health. Sick people can also be hungry and not able to ingest healing drugs. Doctors in these countries prefer to be well paid working against AIDS than poorly working against all the other health problems, which creates a brain drain. Numerous children also suffer from diarrhea or asphyxia due to lack of basic care. The paradox is that countries where the foundation has invested most have seen their mortality rate increase, whereas it has improved in countries where the foundation was least involved.

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