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Comment Re:Rhetorical... (Score 1) 244

But no. It's unfair to developing nations to have all the prestige remain in the hands of colonial / first-world nations / pick your SJW bullsh!t.

I'm no fan of SJW, but I think that this is not a SJW issue. For the highest bidder they will hold the games anywhere. The Olympics are just a scam for the uber rich to make money off of unpaid athletes hoping for stardom. For reference the Olympic Committee is a not for profit based in Switzerland, land of the tax scams.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 2) 692

On a side note - the Republicans had the most winnable presidential race in decades, handed to them on a silver platter. So they decided to nominate just about the most unelectable candidate imaginable. Unbelievable.;

My observation is that the two political parties have an agreement that they will pick candidates in the league, much like how boxing or wrestling have opponents from the same weight class. Thus if the Democrats were going to run Hillary, as the leaked emails clearly show that they were going to do no matter what it took, the Republicans had no choice but to run Trump.

Comment Re:And we all believe this BS ? Yeah, right ... (Score 1) 65

... First off, if this fortune 500 company is not one of the new inductees to the list from mainland China or some equivalent 3rd world country, I do not believe, they would risk anything like that.

To be fair there have been *many* major scandals by major companies that in hindsight seem spectacularly foolish. The most recent example is probably VW but FIFA getting charged under RICO, Olympic commission being so openly bribed that Rio & Sochi were deemed good sites for games, accounting scandals too numerous to name. Remember that Enron was at one time a fortune 500 company. I'd say that large organizations do dumb things all the time.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 284

... Obviously. As evidenced by the "Trump 2016" - no sane person would vote Trump

You assume that a sane person likes the status quo. Trump gets us closer to whatever the next chapter in the story of the US holds. Current trends aren't sustainable, something has got to give. Hillary just postpones the inevitable. I'm hoping for a splintered US, where it breaks up into a few pieces personally. I trust neither the right nor the left on enough issues to like the current game of lets impose on will on everyone via the Federal government.

Comment Re:Racism or availability? (Score 5, Insightful) 200

You can't be one of the guys while simultaneously being a protected class that can start a witch hunt off of any stray comment or misinterpreted comment. Indeed, with the microagression BS even casual conversation can be a problem. It's completely unsurprising that given today's state of cultural McCarthyism people are profession but not personable. SJW - you created this problem but I doubt you can fix it.

Comment this is all that's wrong with bleeding hearts (Score 1) 237

Walter Mondale, was a vehement foe of human space flight programs, maintaining that money spent on them were better used for social programs.

Real science, not to be confused with sociology much less various protected group studies, results in so much return on investment that it boggles the mind that the government doesn't do more of it. Social programs on the other hand tend to beget more social problems. Particularly as they are formed to suppress a disliked group and elevate a protected class. I have no problem with safety nets. I have huge problems with people being idle and unproductive.

Comment Not new - even Pontius Pilate said "what is truth" (Score 1) 259

The "truth" often depends on your assumptions. I typically find this to be true about social issues. Both the right and left often have facts to back up their narratives, but the way they interpret those facts or the priorities given those conclusions differ. For example is the US deficit because of welfare and illegals or because the rich pay little in taxes? Both sides have lots of facts and both are factors. Yet both sides seem to ignore the other and not admit that *both* of these are causing problems. Unfortunately the media seems to live in a world of XOR, never admitting that multiple reasons is sometimes the correct diagnosis.

Comment Re:The vote is on November 8th (Score 1, Redundant) 101

Both Donald and Hillary oppose TPP. Gary and Jill also oppose it. Nobody running is for it.

Hillary is on record as supporting it many times. When Sanders gave her more of a fight than she expected then suddenly she was against it. If elected, I fully expect her to go back to her previous position of supporting it. The Clintons are easily (and rather openly) bought. If money is behind it she will find a way to justify it. Much like Bill & NAFTA.

Comment Re:Military nightmare (Score 1) 983

Merely getting ready for when the country splits. I think that both the liberals and conservatives are ready for the split, it's more a question of working out the logistics. Water rights and things like that will probably be the flash points but in theory it could be a clean and bloodless affair. The Federal insistence of one size fits all just isn't working. Maybe we'll call it a Texit :-)

Comment Re:Really? (Score 5, Insightful) 983

You already underpay them to an obscene degree. ...

Are you kidding me? Most cops make more than engineers when you factor in their benefits. Retire at age 55 with almost 100% pay, retire at age 58+ with >100% pay, Plus you never get a speeding ticket / DUI / or anything else unless it's caught on camera and goes viral. I'm kinda sorry I didn't become one.

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