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Comment Re: Or just don't violently riot. (Score 1) 188

But but but those people are poor peons so we don't give a fuck about them.

It's like the big heroin epidemic. All the rich white people didn't give a shit, because it was an inner city poor black people problem. Until their rich spoiled children starting driving to inner cities to buy heroin. Now it's an "epidemic". No one called it an epidemic when it was black people dying or getting high. They called it natural selection.

We have a senator in PA who was a hard ass on all drug offenses. A no nonsense approach. His son recently OD'd and died. Now all of a sudden he wants to fund rehab centers and try to solve this "epidemic". Now he wants to help because it's a white people problem now and it affected his household.

Fucking hypocrites.

Just so you see how ridiculous your rants look:

But but but those people are poor white peons so we don't give a fuck about them.

It's like the big drug epidemic. All the black people didn't give a shit, because it was an Appalachian poor white people problem. Until their spoiled children starting driving to inner cities to buy crack. Now it's an "epidemic". No one called it an epidemic when it was white people dying or getting high. They called it natural selection.

We have a Mayor in DC who was a hard ass on all drug offenses. A no nonsense approach. His son recently OD'd and died. Now all of a sudden he wants to fund rehab centers and try to solve this "epidemic". Now he wants to help because it's a black people problem now and it affected his household.

All lives matter, Fucking hypocrites - only Black Lives Matter.

Comment Re:It is just a decent thing to do (Score 1) 40

If a marketplace is not fighting fakes, it gets flooded with them to the exclusion of the real brands...

Unfortunately you are spot on regarding it being flooded with fakes and no real product to be found. I first heard about this issue from my sister who told me that all the women in her office knew that you *never* buy hair products from Amazon because they are always fakes. It's an interesting data point because multiple women there had bought stuff and, from previous usage, were able to identify that these were fakes.

Comment Re:What if (Score 1) 516

How about we work on improving justice for all without regard to socioeconomic status or race.

Sure. But if we fix it only for the rich white guys, then they no longer have any motivation to fix the system for others, and it is they that are empowered to do so.

I suggested fixing the problem in general. How you moved from that to only fixing it for rich white guys is beyond me.

We should indeed fix it for everyone. But we need to start at the bottom.

Why not just fix it for everyone instead of a half ass measure of only fixing it for your chosen group? I get that you have an axe to grind with rich white guys. Even so the aim of actual justice should be to have an evenly applied and fair process. Not to have a process that only applies to your chosen group, regardless of it's rich white guys or poor black kids.

Comment Re:Something stinks (Score 1) 379

Sure thing buddy, let's 'pull out of Europe', and NATO while we're at it. Who needs those freeloaders, right? And we'll get a nice 'thank you' card from Vladimir Putin out of the deal, since it'll make it that much easier for him to conquer Europe -- or didn't that occur to you?

They claimed that they were leaders, let them lead. You have to get out of the way first to let someone else lead. I occurred to me, I've just had a hundred too many lectures on how bad the US is to care. I'm merely giving them their wish. If they don't want us that's fine, we will go. I think a *huge* number of citizens in the US feel underappreciated as the US care first about the 1% / corporate interests, followed by various special special interests, followed by illegal immigrants, and at the very bottom are the hard working citizens who have got to be the most taken for granted group ever.

Comment Re:Something stinks (Score 1) 379

Oh and by the way I'd like to point out that Angela Merkel was called 'Leader of the Free World' by the press last week; that's about the worst black-eye the U.S. could possibly get so far as I'm concerned; the destruction of the credibility of the U.S. is now more or less complete.

So lets pull out of Europe and see how this new German leadership goes. As near as I can tell they haven't been able to solve the Greek debt problem nor the Syrian refugee problem despite both having gone on for years. I'd say that their leadership record doesn't look so hot recently.

Comment Re:TLDR: UN says more whites = happiness? (Score 0) 379

It is well known homogeneous cultures, with as little income disparity as possible, report highest levels of contentedness.

The "most diversity makes things best" line of reasoning is never based in reality. Of course - the people screaming at the rest of the country for more diversity - Seattle and Portland - are some of the least diverse cities in the nation.

We could fix that by giving them their wish and deporting the criminals there. It might wise them up while simultaneously giving them their much desired diversity. I live in Southern California and anyone who thinks that more immigrants is a good thing hasn't seen the end game like I have.

Comment Re:Oh no that sucks! (Score 1, Insightful) 379

There's NO evidence they commit more crimes than the average population, and even less by some estimates. Most come here to work; they can commit crimes in their home country better because they know the language, if crime were their goal.

The crime angle on that is a Fake Problem. Bad Trump.

Actually by definition anyone who is here illegally is a criminal. But ignoring that there is still a *huge* amount of imported crime. The usual lie is to group all immigrants together when looking at crime since the legal ones generally do commit fewer crimes. The legal ones pull down the average. The MS13 gang, ~70k strong in the US, is largely a product of illegal immigration. But keep preaching that they are all here to helpfully mow your lawn and have no downsides.

Immigration can be a net win (ie educated law abiding types) or a net loss (low skilled or illegal) depending on how you play the game. But lying about how many deaths illegals cause by drunk driving (shockingly high numbers) and crime in general won't help that discussion.

Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 5, Funny) 319

We learned about maps and their inherent distortions in fucking _middle_ school, again in high school. Referenced the globes sitting in every classroom.

The globes have been removed because the other shapes objected to the privileged position of circles and spheres. In their place will be a diversity of shapes with the exception of spheres which have also been blamed for keeping down Africa and South America. The only spheres that are now allowed are other shapes that have had the corners chipped away to now be spheres as they always felt that they were spheres on the inside.

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 5, Interesting) 523

Killing off the free press was always one of Trump's stated goals with his desire to open up libel laws in order to facilitate suing the press.

Freedom of the press was largely lost when two things happened - ownership became highly concentrated and the press lost a diversity of opinions and morphed into Fox News on the right and everything else on the left. Concentrated ownership contributed greatly to the polarization.

Comment Re:age 30 is old and $60K is "wealthy" (Score 1) 151

Also $60K puts you in the global 0.19% according to It's definitely rich on a world-wide scale, and no, you don't need to compare only the third world. Even in developed countries that must easily be in the top 20%. But hey, it's easier to complain when you think you are poor.

I always think that anyone who resorts to saying that you're rich relative to Haiti and such is a tool of the 1%. Hey no worries that the middle class is dropping like a rock and the American dream of owning a house is slipping away, quit complaining because relative to Haiti you're actually quite rich.

Comment Re:A budget that actually has to budget something (Score 5, Interesting) 648

Ask any credible economist about balancing the budget and they'll tell you it's not a huge priority.

They will pretty much flat out tell you to drop all tarrifs, engage in free trade, and issue tax credits to those affected by jobs shifts associated by free trade. That will raise productivity and that will in turn bring in revenue and the debt issue will correct itself. No amount of jiggling and shuffling spending around will amount to shit.

I think economists support free trade the same way a Marxist supports communism. It will solve all ills if only it were implemented just right. And if the people play along perfectly. And while implementations of it have caused lots of problems, if only it were done right then everything would be perfect. It just isn't so. The middle class declines ever more, inequality swells regardless of D or R being in charge, and now it's gotten bad enough that it's causing instability. Trump is a warning. If things decline even more then expect the person or two after him to make him look mild. I don't expect good things for my kids based on where we're currently headed. Not that I think Hillary would have been much different, though Bernie might have been.

Comment Re: Let us also make guns (Score 2) 93

It's also an affluent mono-culture. Not exactly a good model from which to draw conclusions about more social-economically diverse populations.

But it could be a damning indictment of how diversity doesn't deliver the better world that its advocates always promise. If you want low murder rates, higher levels of social trust, and cohesion diversity is not your friend.

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