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Comment Re:Police state (Score 2) 251

because the police is asking for it and to deny it,

Actually, they're not. The police realise that being able to install malware (which the act permits) makes it easy to tamper with evidence and destroys the normal evidence chain, so will open a load of grounds for challenging any evidence that they can bring to court. The intelligence agencies (who would far rather let someone get off a crime than compromise a data-gathering source) are in favour of it.

So essentially the secret police rather than the regular police.

Comment Re:shortening (Score 0) 99

Getty et al appear to be participants to ongoing fraud and extortion. They should probably quit before people tire of the games and go full vigilante on them or their officers, when they realize elimination may be more effective than (corrupt) adjudication...

I'm pretty sure that's why Commifornia banned the 50 caliber sniper rifle. Never had a crime committed with it so there was no reason.. other than the fact that it take out the corrupt at over a thousand yards.


Comment The Chinese way (Score 1) 333

Is it just me or if there are 3 marker chemicals does everyone expect those three to be in the next batch. Until a fourth marker chemical proves these fraudulent also. The baby milk poisoning that happened in Chine (citation below) was covered up for a while because they only tested for a marker chemical.


Comment Re: Steve Bannon, not a racist? (Score 1) 805

I'm white and I've never been called a racist. Then again, I don't say racist things. Hmm, maybe there's a connection

You been called a racism many times, you just didn't notice. If you Google "white people are racist" you'll see page after page of "all white people are racist". This doesn't even go into the whole micro aggression and white privilege BS.

Comment Re:"found that 27 percent of professionals" (Score 1) 805

The election was not all about race ... how many times do I have to say this?

Good luck. Racism and its close cousin sexism are the only explanations that can be used these days by a hopeless media. It's almost as general purpose as the "F word". Just about any problem that the media wants to rail against is either one or both of these. Couldn't be the economy or anything sensible like that.

Comment Re:systemic racism (Score 1) 143

How do white people not understand this?

Looking at this in terms of teams based on race is incorrect. While many rich people are white, most white people are not rich - a fact that seems lost on you. You should be looking at Team 1% and Team 99%. I am mixed on my politics but I am a huge fan of the phrase "we are the 99%". The 99% contains everyone. Even the left's punching bag white Christian male. My personal view is that to keep the 99% from actually recognizing that they are not getting a fair share team 1% fragment it by promoting disunity. BLM from an economics perspective is a bunch of useful idiots who fragment society while the rich get richer. Team 1% loves BLM because it keeps team 99% squabbling among themselves - like we're doing now.

I'm happy to take this discussion either in the direction of how to promote the 99% or why I don't support continuing racism in the name of helping past racism. That offer should tell you a lot. You can get more done by working together or you can be a drama queen and say that it's all about us BLM style. Note that BLM style is only a temporary high from smug moral righteousness, they won't (and indeed couldn't) make any lasting change.

Comment they better fix it (Score 2) 62

I have heard several people I know say that there are whole categories of product that they never buy from Amazon due to the number of fakes. They were specifically talking about hair products but it also applies to many other things. At some point people will lose faith in the platform as a whole and stop using it (ie don't bother it's all knocks offs anyway).

Comment Re:The data is already public, why criplle lawmen? (Score 2) 76

Unless you sincerely advocate for abolition of the CIA and FBI, you should help them do their jobs.

Yep, no middle ground between either helping them do their jobs or abolishing them completely. I know that we have a lot of programmers here but remember that most of life is analog, not binary.

Comment Re: systemic racism (Score 1) 143

I'm confused by your use of "punish" here.

If I give a step stool to short person to help them see over a wall I would consider that to be helping the short person, not punishing the tall person that happens to be standing next to them.

For situations where it's a zero sum game to give preferential treatment to one is to harm the other. Moreover the current implementation is not based on something logical, such as a short person getting a stool. It's based on averages for large groups. So it's more akin to giving a tall person a stool because he comes from a family that includes a lot of short people while the short person next to him is denied a stool because his family includes a lot of tall people. Thus the short person from a tall family is punished.

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