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Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

Let me ask you a question - have you spent any serious time in poor neighborhoods? I know them by experience. You seem to know them by reading about them. People who have not lived in a certain situation really aren't in a very good position to talk about it. It leads to thinking like this:

In any case I stand by my post that the US has two general scams - the non-working poor and the uber rich. Regardless of which one you critisize they point to the other one and say start there. Much like you're doing. I'm in favor of correcting both and I support any action that helps correct either. Until both are addressed the country will continue to deteriorate, debt will accumulate, and services will continue to get worse.

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

The only scam involved there is the right-wing demagoguery that has led you to believe that people like being poor and unemployed.

Seriously, the majority of the people blabbering about 'welfare queens' and 'moochers' haven't a fucking clue what it is like to be part of the 'non-working poor' (the time you were in college "living off only ramen noodles" does not count). People actually feel like shit due to lack of societal status. Due to the stress involved with not being able to pay bills they have a scientifically proven harder time making decisions. See for instance:

Listen, again: please focus on the actual problem. We all know shit flows downstream. If you're middle class, guess whose shit is in your drinking water?

I grew up poor and have seen this first hand. My mom was the working poor during my growing up years so I was side by side with the non-working poor. The non-working poor complain mightily but are easily the laziest people around. Ever notice that poor neighborhoods are full of trash despite everyone having endless time? It's not because of their work ethic. My one childhood friend that I've tried to help will always be "too busy" (his words) for anything productive yet wonders why nothing ever improves for him. To you he must be a victim of society. To me he's simply lazy. The difference is that I know him personally and have seen his "efforts" first hand.

Comment Re:Make America Great (Score 1) 619

LOL. Health insurance for everyone with lower deductibles was also a good move. Then Trump figured out a way to do neither while make the current system even worse.

If a politician were to actually try and improve US Healthcare then they would align our drug pricing with Canadas. However since they in fact just want to keep the game going as long as possible they instead major in the minors. This applies to both D and R.

Even if he accidentally "fixes" H1Bs you better bank on your overall life getting worse.

I always bank on life getting worse when a politician is involved, but then again I live in California.

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 2) 249

You're suggesting a mild form of slavery.

Note that forcing people to volunteer negates the meaning of 'volunteer'. It also prevents them from finding an actual job and removes all market elements from the labor involved. See the US prison labor system to see what that leads to.

That's why I advocate volunteering for social good, not working as an unpaid intern

Listen, I get that you want the world to be a fair place. I suggest however you direct your efforts away from the weakest people in society to those who use their affluence to game the entire system to make it as skewed towards them as best they can. While you are devising 'solutions' for 'lazy' welfare recipients, billionaires and lobbyists are laughing all the way to the(ir) bank.

The middle class suffers from 2 scams: the non-working poor and the uber rich. One of the biggest scams around is the notion that if you challenge the upper end of the you should focus on the bottom (ie Republicans) and if you challenge the bottom you should instead attack the top (ie Democrats). Both need to be fixed, I'm all for doing both, but delaying one to instead say focus on the other leads to nothing getting done.

If you're curious for the billionaires I'd suggest wealth tax (especially trusts) and taxing capital the same as income.

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

Aren't people on disability, well, disabled, which is why they get benefits? Because they can't work?

And in theory, shouldn't unemployed be people spending their time obtaining more optimal jobs vs. makework?

Most people on disability have a form of impairment yet few have a total impairment. As long as there are elderly people who need company there is something useful to be done. Have them do it.

Regarding unemployment, a person can't spend 40 hours a week looking for work for more than a couple of weeks before local options have been exhausted. There is a huge body of evidence that getting people out of the house and staying on a routine are both very important in keeping unemployment short term. This would accomplish both.

Comment Re:Make America Great (Score 4, Informative) 619

The better question is what he's done right.

When you find yourself in a hole - stop digging. Dropping the TPP was a great way to stop digging. Working on making H1Bs be less of a scam is also a good move. I'm not saying that Trump is perfect but I do think that he's doing stuff that might help the middle class that neither Hillary nor any of the other Republicans would have done. Only Bernie would have done better.

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1, Insightful) 249

I think the cost of running an analysis that fine would eat any savings many fold over. It's like drug testing welfare recipients... it might sound like a good idea but you'll waste more money than you'll save.

Whereas making welfare recipients show up for volunteering would definitely be a cost savings. Even if it cost money I don't know many working people who wouldn't fork over another $20 just to make everyone else have to get up in the morning too. I'd apply this to disability and unemployment also. The best part is that with unemployment, and to a lesser degree disability, you would have all the workers that you need to run the program. Don't show up, don't get your free money.

Comment Re:The four seats were used by crew, how was this (Score 4, Insightful) 575

The Aviation Security officer has already been placed on leave and his outfit as publicly stated his actions were not in line with their policy (re: he's f*cked).

Security and police are just about never f*cked. The first rule of a police state is that you don't throw the police under the bus. They may get bad press but where the rubber meets the road, or perhaps I should say where the baton meets the suspect, they still have free rein. Virtually all suspensions result in a slap on the wrist are are in effect paid vacations.

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