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Comment Re:I'm making a note here (Score 0) 88

Don't forget the negative modifiers... If you are poor/from a poor background subtract 1 If you are a disadvantaged minority -1 If you are a woman -1 If you get sick -3

"Disadvantaged minority" isn't what most think. In fields with very few of X, where X is a government sponsored class, you definitely get a +5. Although we hear about white privilege the reality is that the ever hated white male gets exactly zero help while the rest get some form of advantage. The most extreme case I heard of first hand was a black speech therapist that a friend worked with. Not many of those I can assure you. She was able to openly sit and do nothing at work with zero consequence and only had half the case load of everyone else. The most extreme example of her incompetence was when she was caught at her lie of speaking spanish. She was adding an 'o' to the end of words as if that made them Spanish. No she wasn't fired nor even demoted and she does still work for that district. You can get away with a lot if you're a protected class.

Comment Re:Easy. (Score 1) 110

They should all burn. I don't give a shit who spilled the beans, I want the decision-makers at the top to be thrown in jail for this.

Alas we have already reached the point where despite being caught in lies and multiple smoking guns government itself now openly admits that the connected are above the law and that "no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case". So while I agree that they should hang for treason it won't happen. They can do whatever they want and can do it more openly and brazenly than ever before.

Comment Re:Criminal status is not a race. (Score 1) 108

Then they should be mad at their neighbors who disproportionately commit many crimes. Why are young black males so often targeted by police? Perhaps it's because they commit a shockingly high number of crimes. While the US is known to have high crime rates what is less known is that if you subtract out the number of crimes that black people commit our crime rates resemble Europe.

If you want to change the stereotype then instead of complaining about racism how about not living up to the stereotype.

Comment Re:Criminal status is not a race. (Score 1) 108

I love your logic and analogies. Unfortunately the people likely to play the race card have a severe allergy to facts and quite simply cannot reason well so while I can see your point they will dismiss it with vague accusations (white privilege and such). Racism has reached a 30 year high under Obama.

I still stand by my personal theory that the media is deliberately agitating everyone as a response to we are the 99%. Divide and conquer is alive and well.

Comment Re: Drones (Score 3, Insightful) 264

And on the plus side maybe they can tell me who robbed me three years ago

If they were trying to solve crimes perhaps but this mass surveillance has little to do with solving crime and a lot to do with supporting the police state that we draw ever closer to. Stasi would be proud. Keep in mind that we spend billions on perceived problems while actual mundane real problems get ignored. For example, illegal immigrants have killed far more US citizens than terrorists yet we spend many times more dollars "fighting terrorism". The illegal immigrant drunk driving deaths exceed 9/11 every year.


Comment Re:the problem is jackboot landlords. (Score 1) 93

If cutting Section 8 back to a much smaller and more tightly managed program is your goal then I'm fine with that as a starting point. Ultimately I see it as a case of "give a man a fish" vs teaching him to fish. Section 8 distorts the economics and people might think that they are making it but really they are not. I'm reminded of an article that I read about long term rent control renters who have a harsh shock when for whatever reason their situation changes and they must pay the full market rate.

As for being a victim of its own success, who wouldn't want to only pay 30% of their bills. Obviously everyone wants a deal like that. It's a deal that's too good to be true or sustained. Moreover it creates resentment with the neighbors who don't get the easy ride. Final note - good luck getting an apology out of another person on the Internet :-)

Comment Re:the problem is lawlessness (Score 1) 93

If you have that right, then so do the people living in those neighborhoods you look down on. But sounds like you already got yours.

How is it the posters responsibility to fix neighborhoods? You can't exactly go door to door and shoot gang members even when you know full well who they are. The best that an individual can do is leave. I'm not clear why you criticize him for wanting to lead a peaceful life. How would you propose the poster fix things?

Comment Re:the problem is jackboot landlords. (Score 1) 93

Sounds like a bubble. What you'll find if you bother to actually look further is that you're confusing national crime rates with regional crime rates. For example crime can be going up in some areas why down in others. The question then would be why is crime going up in the areas where it is rising. That's what the article dealt with. You should read it, it really is quite interesting and is not disingenuous nor fact free.

Comment Re:the problem is jackboot landlords. (Score 0) 93

I'm completely befuddled as to why you would support anything that helps export crime. It was a "victim of its own success" because who wouldn't want to only pay 30% of their bills. I imagine that I could sign up my whole block for that program. It's an insult to those who *do* earn their own way in the world to have a neighbor who only pays 30%.

Today, just about ANYONE who meets the income requirements can get on section 8 (it is awarded typically by lottery), there is no screening, no followup, or anything else. Its use has (as your citations notes) exported crime from the high crime areas to the low crime areas, all under the guise of "equality" (where everyone lives an equally shitty life, I guess?) it's basically the inverse of the "villas at Kenny's House" gag on South Park, with predictable results.I (strongly!) support section 8, but as it was originally designed and implemented, and not the gigantic mess we have today.

Why do you strongly support a program that is by your own admission a gigantic mess?

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