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Comment Re:... move to a shared, distributed database ... (Score 1) 109

...Blockchains solve the double-spend problem. Great, but banks don't typically have that problem in the first place because the currency is not the record.

Based on fractional reserve banking banks have way more than a double spend capability. They have ~33x spend capability.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 0, Troll) 797

Snowden cannot be pardoned, because he has not been convicted of any crime.

Why do people keep repeating this zombie talking point? I know y'all didn't flunk out of school before they covered Nixon in civics class.

Maybe it's because civics today is less about how government does, or should, function and more about giving airtime to left leaning ideals and generally bashing the ever hated white male. relevant article:

Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 1) 200

Did you learn nothing from the last election?

I think the lesson is that forcing people to do things or restricting options are both bad. Depending on the topic and your political leanings there will be things that you are inclined to force people to do in the name of (your version of) decency and other things that you will be inclined to forbid. Both impulses need to be reigned in as much as possible. For example, as fun as the left found it to force bakers to make wedding cakes that they really didn't want to that is a terrible precedent. Now freedom to practice religion is limited (bad) as well as people can now be forced to do things against their conscience (also bad). There was no shortage of bakers, just a sense of F*** you I'm going to force you do it my way. Well, now with a new regime others might be forced to do things against their conscience. While some might call that justice, in reality forcing people to do things is generally bad. As a side note when I saw Hacksaw Ridge I was thinking how with the ruling limiting freedom to practice religion he probably would not have been able to do what he did. Sad.

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 409

...Japan was poor too. Now we make money off them. When the dust settles 50 years from now we all will be rich. Africa will be the last challenge. Everyone will be better off

The balance of trade between the US and Japan is completely unbalanced. They make money off us, not the other way around. $24 Billion in 2013 according to Google.

Regarding the comment about everyone will be better off, the declining angry middle class would disagree with you. Wages have been almost stagnant since the 70's for workers while the top 1% soars. This is definitely not looking like everyone will be better off.

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 409

One point to consider is that birth rates are dropping and the industrialized world in general would have a shrinking population if not for immigration. This should be a manageable issue - if only the government took the approach of actually looking for solutions instead of spending all their time trying to make the other party look bad.

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 372

Meanwhile, congressmen, SJWs, and the perpetually aggrieved wring their hands while the free market gets it done.

Next time, do something to make it easier for the CVSs of this world.

The notion of free market is an absolute joke when it comes to medical. If the free market were in place buying drugs from Canada would be possible. Instead the FDA, in conjunction with the Feds in general, show that their primary purpose is to protect big companies while screwing over the ever dwindling middle class. Note that this is not a partisan issue, both major parties play along.

Comment Re:I don't know how far they had to go (Score 1) 305

I don't want to remember half the stuff I've seen, and the majority of that was on accident.

If the majority of half of the stuff you've seen was an accident then you are seriously accident prone. Or you are quick to blame accidents, not unlike my son who usually swears some obnoxious act was an accident.

Comment One reason why nobody trusts the government (Score 1) 350

This is why I don't trust the government to run things, they conflate social engineering with actually running things. I recall first adopting this view when I heard that despite failing the tests fire departments were being strong armed into hiring more protected classes, especially women. I want the best qualified person doing my rescue from a burning building, not the socially preferred yet inferior one. If the government wants to run things then they need to drop the social engineering and run things efficiently. If they insist on social engineering, and they do, then they won't be able to run things effectively since they are deliberately hiring less qualified people.

Comment Re:I can hear crying (Score 2) 284

As fuck fucking up relations with China, the fact that they are building military installations off the Philippine coast suggests that ship sail long ago.

Indeed it was a long time ago. I recall thinking when they downed the spy plane by ramming it in 2001 with *no* repercussions that we would be seen as a paper Tiger. If it makes the /. crowd happy, this is a legitimate instance of blame Bush II as he was the president at the time.

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