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Comment Re:Circadian Rhythm (Score 1) 240

Delivery drivers perhaps. Long haul drivers, never! That's what lumpers are for. Former long haul driver here. The reason that they only eat junk food is because that's all that's offered at the truck stops nowadays. Try driving a vehicle that big and you'll understand why we 'mostly' only stop at truck stops, there isn't much choice..

Comment Re:Demand More (Score 1) 665

In actuality, the problem is that they want you to pay for the things you don't like as well as those that you do. Piracy isn't destroying creativity/innovation, copyright/patent and unmitigated laws/lawsuits are. I often wonder how far we would have come if there were no patents or copyrights. Seems to me that only those things that are driven by money remain and those that don't or aren't don't get made into movies.

Comment Re:Her Constituent Status Is Only Part of It (Score 0, Insightful) 549

Son, if anyone in his right mind thinks that voters did "not come out of the woodwork" because he was even perceived to be a little bit black, anyone would be deluded. The only change that was promised was "it ain't whitey". God Damn I hate every one of you for thinking otherwise. When did this stop being a country of ideology and start being a country of nascent race. No white man would have ever been able to pull off the level of bullshit this man didn. You know it, I know it. They don't know it. Sotomayor anyone? Say goodbye to your civil rights all in the name of the good cause.

Comment Re:Her Constituent Status Is Only Part of It (Score 2, Insightful) 549

I too would like to apologize to all the dead people. I am sorry that I let democrats take away your right to defend yourself and kill you by depriving you of your second amendment rights, and your dignity just because your state representatives happened to be democrats. I am so sorry that so many policepersons stood by while democrats cozied up to hysterical soccer mommies, allowing them to send your rights into the null and void of irrelevancy, and helping them kill you. I'm sorry that democrats are such nice and cozy people, and that we've allowed them to destroy our country due to a need to control the populace so that they themselves don't have to die when accountability comes due. It's about time that more peple started saying things like this. It's our nation, and our world. On the line here. I know I'm neg-karma but ideology doesn't help in a police state. Congratulations America, apathy is our new anthem.

Comment Re:Snide comments expected. (Score 0) 670

You had to create a new user ID because you had no spine to be unheard. I do not. I have negative karma because I don't care about such things. You sir are a mouth without a cause. I will be the cause without a mouth. Socialism is for the weak that can't, patriotism is for those that will regardless of the consequence. Remember that anonymous(e). Those that are sheep eat, those that aren't eat well.

Comment Re:I am shocked! (Score 0) 670

...and the democrats will be credited with the "economic recovery" even though they had nothing to do with it. Inevitability has had its consequence. When will voters get the clue that the polititians themselves are to blame for our ills? I suppose democrats must take credit where credit is due, after all they started this, I suppose it's fitting they claim the finish.

Comment Re:rural places need guns to protect from criminal (Score 0, Flamebait) 319

Fuck you're a nutjob! OK, listen up, the reason I like to carry a gun is because a cop is too heavy. Have you heard that one before? How about this one? When seconds count, a cop is only minutes away. My original sentiment stands. I don't vote becaust things like ACORN happen and I don't matter anymore. You don't either for that matter but you're just too disillusioned to see it. Actually I did vote for the first time in my life this last election. It will be my last (see ACORN). See, what happened in my case was that my vote got disqualified. Why? Government agencies don't talk to each other perhaps? I registered with my license. Why would that happen? Fraud perhaps? If the system didn't work for me the first time, why should I trust it the next? How about an analogy? Microsoft couldn't be made to behave via the government and they are only now doing so due to consumerism. How's that for an analogy? You're a complete and utter fucktwit and everyone reading this may think I am as well but there exists one difference between you and I. I believe in America and you believe in the estabilished system. I win because the country and it's people win out in the long run because of the guns, not despite them. I'm rather glad that I angered you into incoherency. LOL, I win.

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