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Comment Never mind machines . . . (Score 1) 152

Difficult as it is for machines to divine humour, especially sarcasm, from ordinary discourse, it is even more difficult for those firmly entrenched in the regressive left to see anything other than sexism, misogyny, homophobia (sic), Islamophobia (sic), trans*-phobia (sic), ableism (sic), microagreesions (sic), patriarchal oppression, and a plethora of other supposed and manufactured ills even in something as innocuous as wishing someone "good morning." Radical, third wave, intersectional (sic) feminists, social justice (sic) warriors (screaming juvenile whingers/whiners or SJWs), and their fellow travelers are all notoriously dour and humourless. To those who are hopelessly immersed in this crazy world of regressive propaganda and group think (a very funny term that really means unthinking masses) humour that satires them and their vicious, illogical and insane ideology and behaviour is tantamount to a hate crime.

Compared to that, AI humour recognition is a piece of cake.

Comment Self Protection (Score 1) 1

I see this move more as attempting to build a firewall against 'social justice' infiltration. Will it work? Time will tell.

Everyone who supports Free/Open Source Software must ensure that SJWs cannot infiltrate their projects, and anywhere else for that matter, if they wish to survive. They are toxic to any organization and can be fatal if not stopped dead in their tracks. Several major projects have already been targeted by SJWs (Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.) and Linux is at the top of the list. It is widely known that certain radical feminists have targeted Linux Torvalds to be framed on sexual assault allegations as a warning to all those who would oppose them.

SJWs and other radical groups are a clear and present danger to the future of Free/Open Source Software. We must concentrate efforts to oppose and eradicate this menace from our society.

Comment Could this be related to . . . (Score 1) 99

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the recent flood of SJWs attempting to force 'Codes of Conduct' onto some of the more high profile projects hosted at Github and elsewhere (eg. PHP, Ruby, Python). From what I've seen, Github may be complicit in this and it may explain why they are slow to respond. Many frustrated developers want a way to shut them down and keep them out. Eric S. Raymond recently wrote in "Why Hackers Must Eject the SJWs" that their infiltration is a clear and present danger to the meritocracy that is hacker culture, the very culture that built the Internet. I agree whole heartedly with him on this.

If Github doesn't deal with the SJW infestation hackers could and should set up another service that will keep them out. In other words, hackers need a "SJW Free Safe Space."

Comment Re:Economist (Score 4, Interesting) 537

Many years ago I compared the general economic forecasts of economists to those of the astrologers in what when then American Astrology magazine, a semi-scholarly attempt at presenting astrology as a legitimate field of scientific inquiry. I followed each of their predictions form five years. The results revealed that economists were right less than 1% of the time while astrologers were right about 10% of the time. Since we all know that astrology is bogus the results say a lot about economists. Maybe it's time to do the study again.

Comment The Case Against Civility (Score 1) 1501

As far a civility goes, some have argued that civility is really a form of censorship ('political' correctness) that actually discourages and even prohibits open discourse of important subjects and issues. See the article by Randal Kennedy, "The Case Against Civility," The American Prospect, republished December 19, 2001.

Comment 'Innovation' not the most abused word. (Score 1) 287

Corporations may constantly, insistently and annoyingly claim that their products are innovative when clearly they are not but, for me, the word that is abused the most would also rank up there with most overused as well. I am referring to the word, experience.

During the last number of years, the word 'experience' has been popping every everywhere associating itself with products and corporations. Corporation XyZ no longer talks of quality products at a fair price but offer us an "XyZ experience." Customer service representatives are pleased to give us a great "XyZ experience" instead of courtesy, promptness and (above all) service.

Can the experience. Give me quality and fair prices along with prompt, courteous and effective customer service.

Comment Changing Attitudes re WTC (Score 1) 407

Strange how New Yorkers were initially hostile to the original World Trade Centre buildings when they were built. With time that hostility was muted down to mere indifference. The only people who seemed to actually like them were the tourists. It wasn't until they were destroyed that they became 'iconic' and a 'symbol of American freedom and ingenuity' even for New Yorkers too. Living historical revisionism in action.

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