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Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 769

you must have a tiny-ass mug then. I Have a Cuisinart maker that grinds, and has a 4 cup setting, which perfectly fills my travel mug.

that is by biggest complaint about the Keurig - to fill a decent size mug, you need 2 cups on the large setting. at that point you get into the Buy at coffee shop kinda price per cup.

Comment Re:Tie off (Score 1) 247

Why is this Modded 0?? its true.
if you fall off a tower, its because you didn't protect yourself properly. Most often people dont clip onto the proper thing, or they are unclipped, or their harness is too loose. falls are completely preventable.

Yes the employer has a responsibility to train employees, and ensure equipment is up to snuff and used properly. A fall protection harness, and lanyard is $160 its not an excessive cost.
39$ for Harness http://www.globalindustrial.ca/p/safety/protection/harnesses/safelight-fall-protection-harness-10910-universal-size
118 for a climbing lanyard http://www.globalindustrial.ca/p/safety/protection/lanyards/safeabsorb-dual-leg-elast-combo-lanyard-fall-protection-safety-equipment

Comment Structural issue with Asian Airlines (Score 3, Informative) 248

I suggest you read this post from a former UAL Pilot and Flight instructor for Asiana:

In short, the culture in SE Asia produces pilots who are well trained to operate an aircraft as a piece of Machinery, however are unable to "Fly".

Comment Re:biometric time clocks (Score 1) 578

Some Addtional Comments:

there are 3 ways to Authenticate someone - Something you Own, Something you know, and something you are. Choose 2 for best results.

The something you own didnt work. Adding something you know (like a pin) wouldnt work because there is no benifit to keeping it private - on the contrary - you get paid an extra half day for disclosing it. - persumably your bank account has money in it, so you are motivated to not disclose the pin. Therefore the best option is something you are - Most people would not cut off their thumb for a half day of pay.

With the comment about fireing people - Its a unionized shop. this makes it more dificult, and you actully have to catch the culperts before you can peanlize them.

Comment biometric time clocks (Score 4, Insightful) 578

I installed these at a client.
The issue was the employees would take an afternoon off to go to an appointment, and get buddy to clock them out at the end of the day - The emplyoee would then get paid for an afternoon they didnt work.

The time clocks have a fingerprint scanner. You place your thumb on the device as you punch out. Now buddy cant swipe out for you, and you cant defraud your employeer.

They also had biometric locks instead of prox cards on the doors. Much more convieient then having to remember a card the few days when i was on site.


Space Photos Taken From Shed Stun Astronomers 149

krou writes "Amateur astronomer Peter Shah has stunned astronomers around the world with amazing photos of the universe taken from his garden shed. Shah spent £20,000 on the equipment, hooking up a telescope in his shed to his home computer, and the results are being compared to images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. 'Most men like to putter about in their garden shed,' said Shah, 'but mine is a bit more high tech than most. I have fitted it with a sliding roof so I can sit in comfort and look at the heavens. I have a very modest set up, but it just goes to show that a window to the universe is there for all of us – even with the smallest budgets. I had to be patient and take the images over a period of several months because the skies in Britain are often clouded over and you need clear conditions.' His images include the Monkey's head nebula, M33 Pinwheel Galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy and the Flaming Star Nebula, and are being put together for a book."

Comment Re:sloppy engineering (Score 1) 118

its still not incorrect as they stated that it was in standard time. if they only stated 5pm Pacific time, one would assume the current Daylight Savings time.
Canadian (and American I think, but dont hold me to it) Tide and Current tables are in Standard time, so you need to remember to add the hour when you are in Daylight Savings Time, otherwise your calculations are off, and you can hit low things, and run around on high things.

Comment umm.. Not Throttleing (Score 5, Insightful) 282

Umm.. thats not throttling, it applying QOS (Quality of service) Throttling would slow your traffic all the time, where as this applies prioritization to data that needs it. Packets have a qos field that says the priority they should be given..

Im glad there is a telco that will respect QOS - I've wasted a week with a voip problem, only to learn that the telco was shaping traffic and discarding everything above 3mb without paying attention to QOS Flags.. Allstream charges more for this!

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Canadian wireless carrier number portability

maxrate writes: March 14 2007 in Canada marks the start of mandatory wireless cellular carrier number portability. If you are in Canada you will be happy to know that the CRTC mandated that cellular customers may move their cellular numbers from one carrier to another. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_number_portabil ity It will be interesting to see how quickly carriers are able to facilitate transfer requests. For the moment I am happy with my carrier and have no desire to move, however I can recall on a few occasions where this would have been an excellent option.

Submission + - Knex Machine Gun

edmandu writes: "Here's an impressive machine gun made out of K'nex that fires off 10 shots per second. The gun's creator writes: "It uses a bullet-type design i made 4 years ago and i put them all on a chain; so it can shoot as many times as you want, it just takes a while to make more bullets. The one i made shoots about 30 Ft at 10 shots per second and has 40 "bullets" on its chain." Here is a link to some instructions on instructables and a link to a video of the machine gun in action."

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