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Journal Journal: CCNA & CCNP Lab Suggestions

Many people ask me what would make a good CCNA lab? Well, that can be a tricky question based upon your budget and future Cisco aspirations. So let's start off with a few basic concepts I hope we can all agree on. Real Routers
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Submission + - 2008 Election Proving Once Again the USA is the Gr (

blue234 writes: At least on this planet, the USA is considered the leading democratic nation and by many scorecards the hands down numero uno country in the world. What the rest of the world is finally beginning to understand is that we in the U.S. have worked incessantly to improve and hone our political system until it is the envy of the world and the pride of every hearth and barbecue pit in our great land. Almost. A great example of how we are envied is our current 2008 election campaign. 2008 Election Proving Once Again the USA is the Greatest Nation in the Entire Universe

Submission + - The Software Awards Scam (

blue234 writes: I put out a new product a couple of weeks ago. This new product has so far won 16 different awards and recommendations from software download sites. Some of them even emailed me messages of encouragement such as "Great job, we're really impressed!". I should be delighted at this recognition of the quality of my software, except that the 'software' doesn't even run. This is hardly surprising when you consider that it is just a text file with the words "this program does nothing at all" repeated a few times and then renamed as an .exe. The PAD file that described the software contains the description "This program does nothing at all". Even the name of the software, "awardmestars", was a bit of a giveaway. And yet it still won 16 'awards'. Software Awards Scam

Submission + - Stanford Media X Ten Innovation Trends - Robotics, (

blue234 writes: The goal of Stanford University Media X is to foster collaborations between industry and academia. The 5th Annual Media X Conference on Research, Collaboration, Innovation and Productivity, which I was fortunate to attend, served its purpose well. Let me share the 10 Key Innovation Trends that every business executive and innovator should be paying attention to. — Robotics — Aging — Clean-Tech — Brain — Gaming — Science-and-More/82107

Submission + - Defend your Website from the Google Duplicate Prox (

blue234 writes: There is a current and active way to knock a website out of Google's search engine results. It's simple and effective. This information is already in the public domain and the more people that know about it, the more likelihood there is that Google will do something about it. This article will tell you how it works, how to get a website knocked out of the search engine rankings, but most importantly, how to defend your own website from having it happen to you.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Why The Insurance Industry Wants To Defeat Referen (

blue234 writes: With support from Democrats and Republicans alike, the Washington state legislature enacted Referendum 67 into law earlier this year. The insurance industry was unhappy. So a handful of out-of-state insurance companies spent millions to obtain more than 150,000 signatures to put the law up for a vote this November. The insurance industry has cleverly called itself "Consumers Against Higher Insurance Rates." The rest of the story

Submission + - The Semantic Indexing Project (SEO) (

blue234 writes: During the past five years, a team of linguists and computer scientists at NITLE and Middlebury College has developed a prototype Semantic Engine. This prototype was designed to address the universal problem of accessing and organizing large amounts of unstructured digital text. Using mathematical algorithms to index the latent semantic content of documents, the prototype engine has been demonstrated to drastically reduce, if not eliminate, the need for expensive and time-consuming metadata tagging, and to produce results superior to keyword searches in limited test domains.
The Internet

Submission + - Largest online multilingual markets? (

blue234 writes: With Google reporting that over 50% of their traffic comes from multilingual searches, it has become crucial to consider developing a multilingual online presence. However, the question remains the same: Which markets to target? Which ones are the most important in terms of users, etc.?
United States

Submission + - Americans Work, Why Doesn't America? (

blue234 writes: "According to a recent article published on popular Web site Alternet, The Vanishing American Vacation ( , compared to people in other developed countries, Americans don't ask for more vacation time, don't take all the vacation time their employers give them and continue to work while they are on vacation. It's common knowledge to most American workers that they receive far less vacation time — in weeks not days — than their foreign counterparts. With the average American receiving two weeks vacation time, not taking it all seems incomprehensible. Unless of course, you're doing what you love so much that it doesn't seem like work and therefore you don't need "vacation", in which case you're probably self-employed and the whole concept is mute. (If that's you, welcome to my world. There's much to be said for the self-directed integrated work/leisure existence! But that's a topic for another day.) Simultaneously, Fortune (and countless other American business publications) tell us American workers can't compete globally unless they work harder. (See "Are Americans Too Lazy?" at According to the article, "The surprising report of our relative sloth arrives in new research from the United Nation's International Labor Organization (UNILO) , which looks at working hours around the world. When it comes to what we might call hard work, meaning the proportion of workers who put in more than 48 hours a week, America is near the bottom of the heap. About 18% of our employed people work that much. That's a higher proportion than in a few other developed countries like Norway, the Netherlands, and even Japan. But it's actually lower than in Switzerland and Britain, and way lower than in developing countries like Mexico and Thailand. It's drastically lower than in what may be the world's two hardest-working countries, South Korea and Peru, where the proportions are about 50%. ""
United States

Submission + - Why the Federal Reserve Should NOT Cut Interest Ra (

blue234 writes: "With the real estate bubble having burst and the financial system in a tizzy over the attending fallout in the mortgage markets, bankers, investors, homeowners, and CEOs are calling on the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to cut the federal funds rate in an effort to avert a financial meltdown. However, the Federal Reserve should see through these self-serving calls and hold rates steady for the time being."

Submission + - Simple J2EE Model View Controller TypeII Framework

blue234 writes: "One of the major concerns with the web applications is the separation between the logics that deal with Presentation itself, the data to be presented and the one that controls flow of logic. It is as an answer to such concerns that the Model-View-Controller or MVC pattern was designed. This article provides the solution to modularize the user interface functionality of a Web application so that individual parts can be easily modified, that is model view controller framework."

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