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Comment Re:lots of land, no line (Score 1) 245

Ping is round trip the minimum one way delay (end to end) to a geostationary satellite is 250ms, so 500ms round trip. Everything above that is processing delay, the TDMA modems and back end networks. For file downloads and video streaming applications the propagation delay is really not a factor, video takes a 400-500ms more to start buffering or for a file to start transferring. The major issue is jitter, keeping that low is essential otherwise video quality suffers. I have tested ViaSat’s Linkway modems extensively. Appears they are using similar technology and software in their consumer modems. The delay and jitter they are advertising is very similar. VoIP and video works very well over Linkway TDMA links, but TCP suffers without some type of WAN optimization device. Most WAN optimizers use the SCPS protocol; assume this is what ViaSat’s consumer modem is using with some type of proprietary compression algorithm.

Comment Re:Actually there is something else I would like t (Score 1) 245

Ka works if you concentrate power in narrow beam widths with spot beams, which is what ViaSat is doing. Believe they are running margins in excess of 15dB with very good receive G/T at the satellite. The other plus of spot beams is frequency reuse; this is how they are accomplishing 140Gbps of throughput.

Comment Re:Missing the forest for the trees (Score 1) 373

In the Consumer Reports video the iPhone lost 20dB by just placing a finger across the two antennas in the lower left corner, no death grip required :) Its true any object, hand, wall, rain, etc will attenuate a signal, but that is not what is causing the iPhone problem, it's the bridging of the two antennas. Steve Jobs is playing on the ignorance of the masses. The iPhone has an engineering flaw. If the death grip was the true problem then the rubber bumper would have no effect.

Verizon Charged Marine's Widow an Early Termination Fee 489

In a decision that was reversed as soon as someone with half a brain in their PR department learned about it, Verizon charged a widow a $350 early termination fee. After the death of her marine husband, Michaela Brummund decided to move back to her home town to be with her family. Verizon doesn't offer any coverage in the small town so Michaela tried to cancel her contract, only to be hit with an early termination fee. From the article: "'I called them to cancel. I told them the situation with my husband. I even said I would provide a death certificate,' Michaela said."

Microsoft Demos Three Platforms Running the Same Game 196

suraj.sun writes with this excerpt from Engadget: "Microsoft's Eric Rudder, speaking at TechEd Middle East, showed off a game developed in Visual Studio as a singular project (with 90% shared code) that plays on Windows with a keyboard, a Windows Phone 7 Series prototype device with accelerometer and touch controls, and the Xbox 360 with the Xbox gamepad. Interestingly, not only is the development cross-platform friendly, but the game itself (a simple Indiana Jones platformer was demoed) saves its place and lets you resume from that spot on whichever platform you happen to pick up."

Where Android Beats the iPhone 365

snydeq writes "Peter Wayner provides a developer's comparison of Android and the iPhone and finds Android not only competitive but in fact a better choice than the iPhone for many developers, largely due to its Java foundation. 'While iPhone developers have found that one path to success is playing to our baser instincts (until Apple shuts them down), a number of Android applications are offering practical solutions that unlock the power of a phone that's really a Unix machine you can slip into your pocket,' Wayner writes, pointing out GScript and Remote DB as two powerful tools for developers to make rough but workable custom tools for Android. But the real gem is Java: 'The pure Java foundation of Android will be one of the biggest attractions for many businesses with Java programmers on the staff. Any Java developer familiar with Eclipse should be able to use Google's Android documentation to turn out a very basic application in just a few hours. Not only that, but all of the code from other Java programs will run on your Android phone — although it won't look pretty or run as fast as it does on multicore servers.'"

Comment Duh.. (Score 1) 787

"Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives" John Stuart Mill That about sums it up... Regardless if climate change is true or not, this is a major fucking waste of time by the Utah legislators. Passing a bill certainly does prove climate change is false, thank "God" we don't need scientists anymore. .

Comment Re:7lbs? (Score 1) 249

Its illegal for the U.S. to export these items too. So its not just Chinese law being violated here U.S. law is as well. Sending your electronics to get "e-cycled" at a verified/certified company is no solution either. Many have been busted for exporting toxic electronics. Its all about making money...

Milky Way Heavier Than Thought, and Spinning Faster 285

An anonymous reader writes "The Milky Way is spinning much faster and has 50 per cent more mass than previously believed. This means the Milky Way is equivalent in size to our neighbor Andromeda — instead of being the little sister in the local galaxy group, as had been believed. One implication of this new finding is that we may collide with Andromeda sooner than we had thought, in 2 or 3 billion years instead of 5."

Tooth Regeneration Coming Soon 289

Ponca City, We love you writes "For thousands of years, losing teeth has been a routine part of human aging. Now the Washington Post reports that researchers are close to growing important parts of teeth from stem cells, including creating a living root from scratch, perhaps within one year. According to Pamela Robey of the NIH. 'Dentists say, "Give me a root and I can put a crown on it."' In a few years dentists will treat periodontal disease with regeneration by using stem cells to create hard and soft tissue; they will take out a tooth that is about to fall, and reconnect it firmly to the regenerated tissue. Although nobody is predicting when it will be possible to grow teeth on demand, in adults, to replace missing ones, a common guess is five to ten years. Baby and wisdom teeth are sources of stem cells that could be 'banked' for future health needs, says Robey. 'When you think about it, the teeth children put under their pillows may end up being worth much more than the tooth fairy's going rate. Plus, if you still have your wisdom teeth, it's nice to know you're walking around with your own source of stem cells.'"

Amazon S3 Adds Option To Make Data Accessors Pay 80

CWmike writes " has rolled out a new option for its Simple Storage Service (S3) that lets data owners shift the cost of accessing their information to users. Until now, individuals or businesses with information stored on S3 had to pay data-transfer costs to Amazon when others made use of the information. Amazon said the new Requester Pays option relieves data providers of that burden, leaving them to pay only the basic storage fees for the cloud computing service. The bigger question with the cloud is, who really pays? Mark Everett Hall argues that IT workers do."

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