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Comment Re:Does DuckDuckGo have something similar? (Score 1) 429

The word originated as a term for burnt offerings to God in Jewish religious ceremonies, so yeah they kinda do.

The generic word you're looking for, for a killing off of an entire people, is "genocide". The Holocaust is a specific genocide the way Los Angeles is a specific city; you wouldn't say something like "the Massachuetts los angeles" when what you mean is Boston, even though Boston is the same kind of thing as Los Angeles, a city. Because it's not that specific city by that name.

Comment Re:Grammar Nazi to the rescue! (Score 1) 154

Commenter grammar is one thing, editor grammar is another -- and quotes from the article grammar is something else entirely! The latter two categories profess to be increasingly professional writers. Writing is their job. So yeah, when they do it badly, that's shit.

But when ordinary people who aren't professing to be producing writing as a product for money make casual mistakes, who cares, yeah.

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