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Journal Journal: Hurricane Katrina and the Internets

This was a rather unusual experience... I was listening to my list of podcasts, one of them being A Spoonful of Russian, which is the only foreign language lesson podcast I am subscribed to. Lesson #2 started with a blurb by the host Natalia about how her family had to evacuate from their home in New Orleans to their relatives' place in New Jersy. There I was, listening to a hurricane Katrina evacuee. I guess these sort of things are becoming more commonplace on the internets. With so many bloggers out there, those who were once the reported have become themselves the reporters.

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Journal Journal: Bush's 2nd Inauguration 1

Listened to a few minutes of Bush's 2nd inauguration: "The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world." So even a hawk-ish president can say he's for peace. Bush's kind of peace sounds quite different from JFK's kind of peace. How far can Bush carry his message of bringing freedom after bringing Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib?


Journal Journal: Competition is Stupid least when it comes to some open source projects, anyway. If the projects aren't making any money to begin with, then there's no incentive to out-do the other --- it just means that efforts are dispersed inefficiently. Of course, variety is better, but if two projects strive for the same goal, they might as well combine their efforts.

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Journal Journal: Computer troubles

A few hours ago I was typing a Slashdot comment about ICANN, UN, US, and EC via the Safari browser on OS X, when the browser inexplicably crashed just after comment preview. The computer went beepbeepbeepbeep... and ATE my /. comment. It was, like, a bummer.

I got a dialog box with a positive spin, saying that it closed due to errors, but --rest assured-- your OS and all other applications were unaffected! I was still pissed though!

United States

Journal Journal: BRING 'EM ON!, or why I'm betting Bush won't get re-elected.

In the beginning, sort of like how it later was for Arnold, we meddled of ideal thoughts such as everything will be ok even with a dumb president because his advisers will take care of him. Despite the fact that many have now become so accustomed to Bush that they've dropped the W already, Bush has little chance, in my view, of getting re-elected. Many have said to me: but he's too popular not to get re-elected. Granted, these conversations were made during the Iraq crisis. Here are some reasons now why I think Bush will be history soon.

1. "Bring 'em on." The current administration has an unhealthy obsession for international violence.

2. Retaliatory tarriffs. The Bush administration birthed protectionist steel tariffs. The WTO found this activity to be illegal, and have made plans for retaliatory tariffs against US businesses designed to hurt states where bush support is strong. Many non-steel US companies are also pissed as this practis hurts their business also.

3. Kyoto Protocol. Yes, technically the US never was a full participant, but Bush's administration decided to abandon it.

4. Relationship with the UN. At first, the Bush administratioon threatened UN of becoming an irrelevant international organization. Today, they are begging for UN help. And why shouldn't the US get help from UN? The Iraqi people deserve the help of the UN.

5. Un-Americanism. To a certain degree, the president at any given time has influence over the meaning of such words and phrases as America, American, patriotism, and an American patriot. Also to a certain degree not. Where is the freedom in PATRIOT Act? In Guantanamo bay? The US won't make a dime off of Iraq (no taxation without representation), but what about the current Iraq? Where's the freedom in the eyes of a "potential terrorist" civilian girl who looks into the barrel of a GI's gun? Where's "democracy" in "occupation"? Nowhere. Not only have the US got themselves into a bloody mess without a coherent plan, they've stole self-rule and freedom of Iraq without a plan for democracy.

And "as long as it takes" isn't a plan for democracy. Like many other criticisms of Bush that are written, I've decided to focus on a few points only.


Journal Journal: Slave Robots

I want them. What if in the future, humans were served by slave robots? What kind of work would people then do? How would it change society n' culture?

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