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Comment Re:alien communication (Score 1) 102

>So, again. Want to understand a puppy? Notice that the very first thing they do any time they interact with anything of any kind any where, is to sniff it first. So, when your puppy moves his nose towards an object, whether or not he goes and smells it, he's talking about it to you. That's why one of the very first "tricks" I train in a puppy is "touch" where he touches his nose to something -- and if you really understand what I've been saying, then you won't be surprised that the first thing I teach him to to "touch" is the tip of my finger.

So your first inter-species communication is literally "smell my finger"

Comment Re:Do the math... (Score 1) 163

It's solar freakin' obvious to anyone with half a brain.

There is no use case where paving a road with glass tiles just so you can embed PV cells in them is anything like as safe, efficient, cheap as putting PV cells over or beside the road. Roads are expensive to maintain when paved with the hardiest of substances, and PV cells are fragile and inefficient when angled incorrectly.

Comment Re:The U.S. legal system will fix this. (Score 2) 244

I'm sure what spraying needed doing has been done, but FTFA:

"Flowertown Bees was listed on local records but not in the state’s voluntary registry of pollinators, according to Weyman. “We know where the big ones are,” he said, “but as you can see this was a fairly large operation and almost right smack dab in the spray path.” "

So I don't know if the sprayers were obligated to check local records as well as state records, but there is a system in place to protect pollinators, and Flowertown neglected to get themselves on the state registry, so they are at least partially to blame for their own demise.

Comment Re:Anonymous (Score 1) 160

sigh... if you want to track down the owners of the wallets of all the preceding transactions before the one who paid you, then yeah. Let me know how that goes for you...

    Otherwise it's pretty damned obscure. The point of the article was DIRECT identification of payers by name authenticated by credit card details etc.

Comment Re:I wonder (Score 1) 202

Whatever the use for the electricity... lighting, heated road, heck.. vending machines at convenient but otherwise deserted points...

Putting regular cheap thin-film solar panels OVER the road is infinitely cheaper, more efficient (angle control) and safer than trying to replace cheap and malleable asphalt with fucking tempered-glass tiles containing expensive electronics, and having to maintain/replace those as they get mangled by heavy traffic. Have you ever seen a paved road?? Paved pedestrian walkways suffer from cracked concrete slabs all the time. How the hell is a tempered glass crazy-pave supposed to be safe and durable?

This idea is complete bullshit, yet people buy into it. I need to come up with some snake-oil like this.

Comment Agree. (Score 1) 157

I have friends with various mobile platforms. Some of them have switched to or from iPhones to Android or even Windows phones. Because of this, I almost never use iMessage any more. The natural tendency has been for *everybody* to rely more and more on messaging apps that are cross-platform, i.e. Whatsapp and less-so LINE. In part because group chats are common. Here in Asia, whatsapp, with its end-to-end encryption, delivery notifications, and the ability to send pictures, audio clips etc. Has become the de-facto secure messaging system to replace fax in a way that e-mail has failed. No platform-specific system, iMessage included, will ever achieve this.

Comment Re:the article is bullshit and FUD (Score 1) 404

The engine no doubt emits lots of particulates, NOx, and sulfur. But that isn't a problem on the open sea. Those emissions are not particularly harmful per se, they only happen to be tightly regulated for cars because they cause problems in cities. That's also why they are not regulated for a lot of other vehicle types.

Southampton isn't the open sea, which is probably why they're glad to see it go, which was the main gist of the article. Here in Hong Kong we have 2 cruise ships in and out daily, the occasional quantum-class cruise ship visiting, several old ferries and lots of Incat diesel-burning ferries that are constantly pumping huge, very visible clouds of diesel smoke into the air. Like 20-stories high before it starts to dissipate. Hong Kong is notorious for air quality problems, and everyone tends to blame it on China, the government tends to blame it on traffic, but as far as I can see the boats are the major pollutors here.

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