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Submission + - Are code bootcamps worth it? (

codejobsio writes: There has been an absolute explosion in the number of "code bootcamps" with over 66 programs in the US alone. Can these programs really get you a job?
Social Networks

Facebook Kills Dataset of Crawled Public Profiles 158

holy_calamity writes "Internet entrepreneur Pete Warden wrote a crawler that collated the public profiles of 210 million Facebook profiles and was set to release an anonymised version to researchers. The pages crawled can be read by any web user, and the robots.txt did not forbid crawling. However, Facebook claimed he had violated its terms of service and threatened legal action. Fearing costs, Warden has now destroyed his dataset. For a snapshot of the insights that data could have allowed, see Warden's post on how the friend networks of the 120 million US users in his data segregated into seven clusters." Of course, if he had it, this means anyone who wants it made their own version of this.

Comment Re:Avoid American Airlines (Score 1) 303

Since I have yet to see an airline that weighs carry-on luggage, I can see why you would like this policy. The only real criteria for the carry-on is that you must be able to fit it in an overhead bin and be able to lift it there.

I have yet to see this in the continental US, but I have heard that European airports often do (but I have nothing to back that statement up). I know that most airlines have a weight limit but don't enforce it currently ( for American Airlines). I for one would love to see this enforced as my bag usually weighs around 30lbs, which I weigh to ensure if it was checked I would be fine.

Flying now, it is quite obvious there is a lot more carry-on luggage

True, I'll agree with you on that point.

but the airplane has exactly the same amount of luggage as it would have before the charges started.

That can't possibly be true. Similar amounts maybe, but exactly? I know that if I took as much as I used to I would be lugging around 100lbs in one bag plus my personal item laptop bag full, much more than I could reasonably carry. I do believe carry-on luggage has increased but since in my case carry-on weight is around 30-40% of what my total weight used to me I can't see it going anywhere but down. Let's just say I'm a big proponent of this guys idea of Based Pricing You had better believe I'd travel lighter.

Comment Re:Avoid American Airlines (Score 1) 303

I understand that historically bundled services are replaced with fees that it is upsetting, however I really have enjoyed knowing that when you load up to 100lbs (50lbs weight limit per bag) that it is paid for while I carry on my only luggage (which I have done for up to 7 day trips easily). I would love to be able to search based on luggage fees, that way I know when I'm paying for something I won't use. Better yet, have everyone charge so that people will fly with less weight and save a few gallons of fuel from being burned. I support this by flying only airlines that charge for baggage.

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