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Comment Overreacting? (Score 1) 391

Am I the only person to think that the woman is obviously and grotesquely altered and therefore find it far more comical than offensive? Looks like she's standing in front of a carnival mirror.

I find it hard to believe that the intent of the creator was to depict an actual, attractive female.

If I actually met such a person, the first thought through my mind would be "serious thyroid problem." And do my best to make sure they didn't tip over.


Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 707

Slur writes:
"A hundred thousand years of human technology, and we're supposed to be impressed at the latest version of the club. Wake me up when the human race does something impressive."

Reminds me of the scene in 2001 when the flying bone-club segues to the orbital view.

Comment Re:Consider things carefully (Score 1) 524

WindBourne writes:
"If you do not, then cracks will appear and bits will start to drip from it. Soon, that drip will become bigger and you will have bytes dropping out. Cheaper to replace them now, then to lose all those bytes."

Well, if the leak is small enough, investing in a bit bucket might be a viable option.

Comment We Did Something Similar (Score 1) 262

Not too long ago I worked for a company that would take OEM (Gilbarco, Tokheim, etc.) gasoline pump parts (pcbs, panels, buttons, etc.) and send them to Shenzhen, China, to be ripped apart, analyzed and remade. IMO the recreated parts were better than the original.

So rather than trying to convince OEMs to modify their designs for your purposes, buy one, send it to such a company and pay FAR less while getting exactly what you need with full control over the manufacturing process.

Comment Re:What does the G in GPS stand for (Score 0) 195

edittard writes:
"Why don't you find someone who understands English and ask them how many ways to interpret "Chimps Have a Built-In GPS" they can think of?"

OK. Did that. Here's the conversation verbatim:

Me: Could you read this one paragraph (Slashdot title and summary)?
Coworker: [reads] OK?
Me: After reading that blurb, would you say that the writers are implying that a chimp could be dropped somewhere in Michigan and know how to get to some other point?
Coworker: Uh
Me: Thanks.

Any other bright ideas?

Comment Re:What does the G in GPS stand for (Score 1) 195

editard writes:
"No they don't."

Thank you Captain Literal.

Do you really think anyone meant to imply primates have, in their brains, something commensurate with features found in a Garmin?

"Bullshit summary again. Or maybe bullshit article. Who cares? After a while, you don't bother."

I think we just found your problem...

Comment Re:you guys are suprised? (Score 1) 492

An AC writes:
" was routine for me to lie to customers, change prices, say we didn't have something and stare at it, laughing all the while with my manager. I didn't particularly find it funny, but I needed the money. I quit that as fast as I can like any other respectable person."

Am I going out on a limb by thinking a respectable person wouldn't have routinely lied, for money, in the first place?

Comment Re:Ex Office Depot Employee (Score 1) 492

mossb1000 writes:
"Insurance on an item you can afford to replace is always a bad deal."

Not always. Let me give you an example...

Radio Shack offers an extended warranty ("insurance") on, among other things, their cordless phones. While a few extra benefits are added (surge protection, wear & tear), the *real* reason they're useful is because it covers the battery, too.

So let's take a Panasonic 3-phone system. Each battery is $15-20. The warranty gives you a new battery for each phone for the one-time warranty cost of $18.

So if everything goes 100% right, they're getting $45-60 in new batteries (3x20) for that $18.

Comment Re:OU Student Here (Score 2, Funny) 1161

knapper_tech writes:
"This is after we had to put up with giant anti-abortion posters on campus during the presidential election week that just happened to have horrid pictures of late-term abortions that are already illegal everywhere as far as I know anyway. WTF."

A fetus is a child, not a choice, or so the anti-abortion folks tell me.

If so, the people who put up the fliers were plastering your university with pre-term necrophilia pornography.


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