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Comment Re:Tried it and hated it (Score 1) 318

It takes adjustment and patience - I've been doing it for 15 years now and there's no way I could possibly go back to a shared office.

My suggestions:

1. use chat clients, not email - they're more personal and frequently funnier
2. try to have a group chat channel for the whole team
3. have regular (daily) calls - we have daily scrum meetings these days, and that helps a lot to keep you in the loop
4. separate your work, hobbies and life as much as possible - you cannot possibly work if you're constantly being distracted

Comment Re:Talking outta ass (Score 1) 260

The current generation of kids do, just as the current generation of parents and grand parents do. This doesn't seem to me like a mix that will survive long - FB will eventually split into an adult only thing with the following generation gravitating to something else, and thus will eventually whither and die.

I think the article is generally right - a large group will eventually split into many groups, be it by age, common interests or as a reaction to a lack of privacy and against the 'establishment' in general.

Comment Re:FUD (Score 1) 304

For me, google docs provides a different service to Office - cross platform collaborative editing. That alone gives it an edge.

If anything, I hope they don't try to compete feature for feature with Office - as it stands, there's such a short learning curve involved to use it which is a great equaliser when it comes to working with people with differing skill sets.

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