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Comment Re:Death of Windows (Score 1) 319

Of course Amazon doesn't actually sell the Surface, 3rd party sellers do, they just list on Amazon...a bit different. There have been ~500,000 Chromebooks sold...TOTAL. As in its entire lifespan, Surface has moved over a million units in just its 7 months of life. Don't believe me? Google it. Amazon's best seller list for laptops isn't the God of market behavior, sorry.

Comment Re:"game changer" (Score 1) 319

Fact Check: False: Xbox is profitable, but wasn't for many years...(Sony has still not broken even on PS3), but Xbox is profitable, the entertainment division isn't profitable, but that's because Windows Phone is in that division and they sink lots of money into it. The next Xbox will probably be profitable (if not close to it) out of the gate unlike the last generation. Anyhow, Android phones are great...Android tablets are a total nightmare (outside of the Kindle, it's seriously a total joke,) what makes anyone think an Android laptop would be successful...Microsoft Surface alone, which hasn't even sold well relative to Apple, sold more Surfaces in 2012 than Chromebooks have been sold, period. People want Windows or OSX on a laptop. Google is the one fighting for relevance here...their advertising revenues can't last forever, and that is ~95% of their profits. If someone just so much as switches 5% of their advertising resources over to Facebook, etc, Google gets hit hard. Microsoft and Apple are older and more diversified companies. If a software maker were to get Amazon to drop Android for their tablets, Android in a tablet environment would be dead. Samsung has open plans to try to use its hardware dominance to sway people away from Android and onto their own software platform.

Comment Government needs more regulation than civilians (Score 1) 420

"It's one thing for governments, who have some legitimacy in what they're doing, but have other people doing it... it's not going to happen." So we shouldn't regulate government drones?...Because they are legitimate? What the fu...I'm for regulating drones in terms of privacy for civilians, like TMZ shouldn't be able to fly a drone over Brad Pitt's house...but I also think government should face even tighter regulations. Replacing a police helicopter is fine, spying on civilians is not fine, arming drones over U.S. soil, is not fine, etc. I'm far far more worried about what the government is doing with drones than a civilian.

Comment Re:Windows 8 doesn't allow windows... (Score 3, Informative) 1010

There is ModernMix, which allows you to window the metro apps. I hope Microsoft builds this functionality into Windows...and there is also Start8. For the $19 or so it cost to upgrade from 7 to 8, pay $5 for Start 8 and $5 for ModernMix that's not a bad deal at all, especially when the core desktop in Windows 8 has a lot of handy upgrades.

Comment Re:Its simple really (Score 1) 1010

I beg to differ, Windows 7, and 8 at it's core (the desktop) is actually quite great indeed. Strip away Metro and Windows 8 is the best Windows that Microsoft has ever produced. Metro needs major major work, but believe it or not...there are people who actually like Microsoft, especially outside of the tech bubble.

Comment Doesn't mention Mac sales declining too (Score 3, Insightful) 1010

Apple's Mac shipments were down 7.5% in this same study, Lenovo was up 13%...Dell and HP were the blunt of the fall. Sure Windows 8 is not loved by consumers, but with time it will improve...but that's not the culprit here. The culprit the massive slow down that is currently plaguing China. Microsoft has some ground to make up, but this analysis is heavily flawed when you look at the broad picture.

Comment Re:User configurable (Score 2) 135

New versions of IE 10+ are fairly compliant, in some ways more so than others. IE11 will be blocking scripts that are IE specific if I'm not mistaken to keep developers from making their sites look different on IE than say Chrome because older versions of IE weren't compliant when now IE11 is...but the user still suffers from the past IE sins.

Comment HP's Android tablet will fail (Score 1) 124

HP, Dell, and other OEMs need to realize that they haven't failed necessarily because of Windows, but because they make subpar hardware and continue to make subpar hardware on the consumer level. This might be fine in the enterprise field where companies want things to be cheap and to just work, but the consumer market has changed, people want quality. Apple has been very good at that, and it took them years to build this image of quality...HP can't just crap our some piece of plastic with Windows and Android and expect it to sell. HP and Dell are so blind to this, it seems Dell has awakened somewhat with the wanting to go private, but HP is missing it big time. Android isn't going to save them, building things that aren't total junk will. This new Android tablet looks absolutely terrible, and they copied the pop color trend that Windows Phone started but executed it poorly, the bezel on the device is massive. What is HP thinking? Stick to a core OS, make your hardware not suck, it takes a while to gain traction and to get your name associated again with quality...maybe this failed Android venture will burn them enough to realize they can't keep making pieces of junk and shoving them down consumer's throats with ANY platform. It could be iOS and it wouldn't sell, stop making junk HP. Same goes to you Acer, Dell, and any other OEM who has failed miserably. Lenovo PC shipments were up last year...because they don't make total piece of garbage, get with the program.

Comment Krugman...and (Score 4, Insightful) 540

Krugman is wrong about...a lot of things, he is very good on trade policy (which is how he won his Nobel) but his Nobel on trade policy doesn't make him an expert on anything else. The media seems to think otherwise, but he has 0 fiscal policy experience, 0 technology experience, etc, etc. He is pretty incompetent in those regards. Computing has a good ways to go, I do think that the upgrade cycles will be getting longer on tablets and phones soon though. I don't know why people seem to think the upgrade cycle of those devices will somehow never get longer like the PC's cycle did.

Comment Re:Microsoft Word Sure Sounds Fantastic (Score 1, Interesting) 346

Microsoft has a free suite, and if you compared paid suites, Microsoft is only marginally more expensive on the cloud, but if you compare client-side to server side and use SkyDrive, then Microsoft is cheaper...because you can get a small business suite with 5 seats for very cheap. Office 2013 is amazing, the collaboration isn't as good as Google's...yet, but Google is so far behind on everything else, that it really don't matter at this point.

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