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Comment Akimbo / Jimbo? (Score 1) 51

As soon as I saw 'Akimbo' I thought of 'Jimbo Jones' the bully from The Simpsons, an awkward insecure obstacle. Only afterwards did I realise how pointless a venture this is for a business that doesn't have a stake in the attached advertising.

Look, if you're doling up something that people are interested in, you either have to be pivotal to the content (or you'll be seen as a leech), be paid for delivering the content (or you'll be seen as a leech), or included in the content itself (wherein you run the risk of being seen as a leeching advertiser). Most people I know have gotten to the stage where they know what they want, and can identify those entities that get in the way of what they want. Advertisers have mostly managed to place themselves between people and what they want, and are seen as an invasive entity and a stumbling block to a final goal, instead of providing that which people seek.

Sure there are genuinely interesting and funny advertisers out there, but by and large I think that most of my generation discards advertising as a reflex to past mistakes.

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