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Comment Godwined? (Score 1) 453

You just Godwined us!

Wait... you said 1930s, so there's some time there prior to full-on nazi party control...

You just pre-Godwined THEM! It's like Alice in Wonderland. You've derailed the opposition by claiming that TOMORROW they'll be like Hitler! They're doomed now!

(Oh please let this work. Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please...)

If that doesn't pan out, we'll have to fight it with popular opinion. Think a good rallying cry would be "Works under Copyright don't fall under Patent"? How about "Patent and Copyright don't mix"?

I have no idea what to do about this, but it's really bad. I don't want to be property, but I'm already feeling like it. At least my 'owners' used to be good old-fashioned creditors, specifically credit card companies. I don't play into most money-scams for various industries, because I basically don't buy much of anything. On the other hand, this is taking food out of peoples' mouthes. It's not just taking away my rights of freedom of speech, it is going to make it more difficult for authors of any age to succeed.

As the SO of an playwright, I am very, very scared, and very angry. This is incredibly demeaning to authors, as it makes them more like 'professionals' and less like 'artists', not that authors cannot be very serious about their work. I think it is a sign of the apocalypse when everyone has to be a lawyer to survive. I think it is a warning sign regarding aspiring authors' bank balances when they also have to be lawyers.

We have to fight this. We really cannot let this stick. If it does, all of our cultural heritage will be used to destroy us. How far back can prior art for patent issues go? Will we end up only writing stories legally in the US that have 'prior art' in the public domain, rather than the other way around, i.e. 'original works'? There is no good outcome from this, and no utility.

I'd riot if I thought it would help. Where do we do that?

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