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Comment try it, it's in beta (Score 1) 175

It's pretty horrible in 720p HD, sluggish feel, blurry visuals until you're still etc... and we were not able to get to extensive MP gameplay. Our office is less than 10 miles away, ping 20ms.

Not to worry, basic laws still hold, reading recent WIRED - failure is just as solid as success!

Comment Guerilla wars (Score 1) 393

How's that any news? NVidia has plenty of software that's limited to their HW.

AMD+ATI and Intel+Havok seem to remain "good" even though they could disable things with competitor's HW.
Anyone has evidence of evil there?

In other words, "dont be evil" (not like Google).

Comment Key quote (Score 1) 360

"I quit my job and have been working on this full-time for the past couple of years; now I'm out of money so can't continue development on my own"

This covers it all, also, OOT, is a sample of the top of "famous last words".

2 years of no sales = "your marketing guy sucks" or "your product sucks"

In either case, find full-time job, and, unless "your product sucks", continue development on your own, find a new marketing guy, and get sales.

Protecting IP is good, but I seriously doubt you have any patentable tech.


All-You-Can-Eat College For $99-a-Month 272

theodp writes "Writing in Washington Monthly, Kevin Carey has seen the future of college education. It costs $99-a-month, and there's no limit on the number of courses you can take. Tiny online education firm StraighterLine is out to challenge the seeming permanency of traditional colleges and universities. How? Like Craigslist, StraighterLine threatens the most profitable piece of its competitors' business: freshman lectures, higher education's equivalent of the classified section. It's no surprise, then, that as StraighterLine tried to buck the system, the system began to push back, challenging deals the company struck with accredited traditional and for-profit institutions to allow StraighterLine courses to be transferred for credit. But even if StraighterLine doesn't succeed in bringing extremely cheap college courses to the masses, it's likely that another player eventually will."

Former Intel CEO Andy Grove Wants Struggling Industries To Stop Slacking 235

lousyd writes "Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel and current instructor at Stanford Business School, has a message for industry. He believes that health care and energy, especially, could learn a lesson from computing's innovative and relatively government-free history. He asks students to imagine if mainframe vendors had asked government to prop them up in the same way that General Motors recently was. On the issue of computer patents, he insists that firms must use their patents or lose them: 'You can't just sit on your a** and give everyone the finger.'"

Comment Re:Deal. (Score 1) 495

That might be what they're pushing for.

Law enforcement is a big problem.

It takes years to bring infringing side to court. The time would be longer if infringing side is a big corp. So all small IP holders will be SOL.

I recommend watching movie "Flash of genius".
Spoiler: the guy got it to trial just a few months before expiration.

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