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Comment Re:How is it compared to Rasp Pi ? (Score 2) 98

Allwinner SoCs are also absolutely unbrickable. This with or without an SD card. You can always get it to show up over USB by holding a device specific button at boot, and then you can get it to boot whatever you want.

The big advantage of the Allwinner chips (especially the mali based ones) is their very high degree of freedom. The GPU and VPU are the two bits which require work still, but progress is good. There is full u-boot source, there is full linux kernel source, and parts are making it upstream. All there is that is not free and that cannot be made free is the tiny bit of code in some microcontroller to make it act like a USB device during its special unbrickable boot mode.

Given that the RPi has a massively powerful DSP running the show on a 2MB large RTOS that is absolutely closed, the allwinner devices are _unbelievably_ free.

Submission + - ARM hates the Lima driver. (

An anonymous reader writes: ARM management seriously dislikes the project to provide an open source driver for ARMs Mali GPU. ARM management sees no advantage in an open source driver for their Mali, and they think that the Lima driver reveals too much of the internals of the Mali hardware. ARM management believes that if they actually wanted an open source driver, they could simply open source their own code. The main developer of Lima naturally doesn't buy into ARMs views or reasoning, and states that Lima will continue and that ARM cannot do anything to stop it.

Comment Re:They forgot one small tid bit... (Score 1) 148

Good to know that canonical is going to provide reverse engineered drivers for us. Now... Either i am missing something, and canonical is secretly paying for my and Rob Clarks work on a to us unknown swiss bankaccount, or we should stop working on the lima and freedreno drivers, as canonical is going NIH on us. Or maybe your supposed fact is absolute news to us, and we are the ones doing it without any support from canonical?

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