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Comment I think everyone here is missing the point ... (Score 1) 398

of what was being said in the article. They want to offer 50000 visas to foreign workers. Do you honestly think that they will pay these guys to "live and work in Detroid for an undetermined amount of time" the same way that they would an American worker? They want cheap labor, that is all. That is how they are going to try to draw business back into that area. It's not about Democrat or Republican, it's about corrupt and ignorant management of that city.

Comment Re:Major loss of face? (Score 1) 211

With the world wide damage and loss of lfe that can be caused by this, I would not wait to be asked. Either we (the US) or the europeans should take it over and solve the issue. Other posters are correct... TEPCO has not shown that they are capable of fixing the issues at the power plant and thus they should be bypassed.

Comment Re:False Flag (Score 0) 509

But to blame someone else for your actions has become the status quo in this country. When I hear someone say "I couldn't help myself" I have to think: 1) Did he do it in church? 2) Did he do it at the dinner table? 3) Did he do it in front of his parents? 4) Did he do it during business meetings? 5) Did he do it (god forbid) in front of his kids? 6) Did he do it in front of a cop (if something illegal)? I would be willing to bet the answer would be "no" to all of them. Therefore he absolutely could help but do it. Basically he was cruising pics and got caught, probably not the first time either, by his wife who finally had enough. She took the kids and left thinking, which in her mind was due to being at her breaking point. Now left in a state of public disgrace among his peers, he claims an addiction and tries to sue someone for his own idiotic actions. Funny how those things work.........To soothe his ID and make himself feel like a wronged party and a "nice guy", he blames someone else.

Comment Someone actually claims Lotus Notes??? (Score 1) 52

Anyone who has had to suffer through that abomination that is called Lotus Notes would probably be quite willing to gather a mob, light the torches, arm themselves with pitchforks, and chase the poor sod who created this travesty to the closest windmill and set it alight. That HP would hire this guy knowing that he was part of the team that developed this "product" and thought it good enough to release is completely beyond me. Then again HP is shipping servers that have bad drives, bad power supplies, and at times bad mother boards right out of the box. I suppose that this is further proof that their computing line is no longer "quality is job 1". Slightly opinionated... probably. Frustrated from being forced to use Notes for 3 years... definitely.

Comment Re: You have got to be kidding me (Score 1) 719

What gets me is the surprise that people have all of a sudden about the NSA spying on US citizens. They have been doing it for years now. Has everyone completely forgotten the Carnivore program to which ATT was completely complicit? They were doing this 10 years ago and it was in the news, yet no one blinked an eye. Now that Snowden has come out with more of the same that obviously had been ignored by the American people, everyone is in an uproar about what one of our alphabet soup agencies is doing. This is not something new, nor will it stop. It has just become easier due to the way that we send information compared to the Hoover era.

Comment Re:Not necessarily because of usage. (Score 1) 385

I absolutely agree. My desktop machine is running a quad core that I picked up a few years ago. No need to build anything new because for what I am doing at the moment it serves my needs MORE than adequately. VMware workstation runs very smoothly. Video is encoded/decoded with no issues. If I have to wait a few extra seconds for something to complete... big deal. To continually feed the computer manufacturing industry just because they come out with something that is marginally faster is pretty much insane. One thing that the author did not mention though..... we have been in a recession. With people out of work the last thing on their plate is going to be getting a new pc. That's like the record industry crying a river about how sales are down when the news is full of stories about people losing their homes and living in their cars. Just my 2 cents.

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