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Comment Re:thats (Score 2) 204

What lawsuits? The "Clinton University" was (is?) basically a program where they get prominent people to speak at real universities. There's no tuition.

Trump University scammed people into paying tuition for what they though were going to be classes that would give them useful business skills. This is very similar to other for-profit university scams.

Comment Re:"Controversial" donors? (Score 1) 106

"Congressional ethics violations" doesn't have the same ring as "led the KKK". Sharpton may or may not be a racist, but a lot of respectable people publicly engage with him and he has a very large, public following compared to Duke. I'm not saying Hillary isn't slimy. Even most Hillary supporters probably agree that she is, but this is where the difference in media attention comes from.

Comment Re: Price is everything. (Score 1) 162

It's a long term savings. The case, power supply, hard disk, operating system, controller etc can be re-used from one generation to the next. Once you already have these, the upgrades become just the motherboard and everything directly attached (including GPU). The peripherals are cheaper and so are the games if you wait for sales.

Comment Re:Oh hell no (Score 1) 216

Should we allow them to run unregulated passenger services because they don't make money?

If the passengers are paying less than or equal to their share of that particular flight's costs, and if the pilot is paying the rest from his own pocket, then yes we should allow it to be "unregulated" (if by "unregulated" you mean "slightly less regulated" since private pilots are already quite regulated).

Comment Re:My father flies for Copper Valley Air in AK (Score 2) 216

In the case of nearly all private pilots, however, the moment they leave the runway they are on someone's radar. If they haven't filed a flight plan, the FAA will know within minutes.

That doesn't exactly mean what you're implying. For VFR (non-instrument) flights you're not required to file a flight plan or talk to anyone in uncontrolled airspace. They might see you on radar, but with a generic transponder code of 1200 they have no idea who you are. There's actually a bit of controversy regarding this anonymity as it relates to a law which will require a new type of transponder (ADS-B) by 2020. The new transponders send what amounts to a MAC address which is unique, causing some privacy concerns.

Comment Re:Cheap energy means cheap energy (Score 1) 176

If we don't drill for it soon then we might not have the time, energy, or resources to drill for it later.

That's quite illogical. If we need it later the value will increase enough to make drilling worthwhile.

If war breaks out then we are going to need access to oil right away, not a year later. Failing to drill now puts the USA at an economic and military disadvantage.

Wow, I don't even know where to begin with that one. I guess I'll start with the fact that it's a last century argument. The kind of war I'm sure you're referring to has been supplanted by MAD. On top of that, the pentagon can take care of its own needs if it feels the *current* reserve isn't enough. I'm not even sure you believe your own fear-mongering here.

Do you honestly believe that people will stop looking for oil alternatives if oil gets cheap?

Due to natural market incentives? Yes, obviously.

Making energy expensive in the hope it will encourage alternatives means making the lives of these people less comfortable. It may mean having these people decide to pay the electric bill or buy medicine. Your desire to drive research in alternatives could kill people. I don't want to see people dead, do you?

Maybe we should tax oil to make it more expensive and then use the proceeds to subsidize the low-income population. After all, global climate change could kill people. I don't want to see people dead, do you?

Comment Re:I'd be buying Samsung except... (Score 2) 131

That's pretty misleading. Changing out the launcher only gets you so far (there's still the navbar, status bar, stock apps, etc). What stock ROMs have that CM doesn't is stability and feature reliability. CM never gets it completely right. There's always at least one really annoying bug that never gets fixed because it's hard, and the developers move onto the newest version of android before totally fixing the previous ones. Nightlies are all the rage. I've gotten fed up with AOSP and always end up going with a de-bloated stock version, so it's important (to me) to choose a phone with a decent stock ROM. Too bad nexus devices never come with SD card slots.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 214

When I play online games, I'm not evenly matched because my PC simply isn't fast enough, which makes crap play for me and everyone else, so I use a console.

You realize it's cheaper to upgrade a PC for gaming than to buy a console? Even the games are cheaper. Also, you can pick games that aren't as graphically intensive (TF2, CS:GO vs COD).

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