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Comment Re:thats (Score 2) 206

What lawsuits? The "Clinton University" was (is?) basically a program where they get prominent people to speak at real universities. There's no tuition.

Trump University scammed people into paying tuition for what they though were going to be classes that would give them useful business skills. This is very similar to other for-profit university scams.

Comment Re:"Controversial" donors? (Score 1) 106

"Congressional ethics violations" doesn't have the same ring as "led the KKK". Sharpton may or may not be a racist, but a lot of respectable people publicly engage with him and he has a very large, public following compared to Duke. I'm not saying Hillary isn't slimy. Even most Hillary supporters probably agree that she is, but this is where the difference in media attention comes from.

Comment Re: Price is everything. (Score 1) 162

It's a long term savings. The case, power supply, hard disk, operating system, controller etc can be re-used from one generation to the next. Once you already have these, the upgrades become just the motherboard and everything directly attached (including GPU). The peripherals are cheaper and so are the games if you wait for sales.

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