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Comment Re:Wow, just wow. (Score 2) 115

Thanks for the interesting perspective, but I just don't agree.

#1 Common sense would dictate that they should at least be able to report what they *are* doing or not doing. I don't believe the requirement is to report information that they don't already have and would require an expensive enterprise level system to obtain.

#2 This is kind of irrelevant. Most people would rather drive a car that can go 300 mph even though they'd realistically never use that. That doesn't mean Honda should be allowed to falsely advertise a 300mph Civic.

#3 You've provided a reason why an ISP might oversubscribe, but no reason why they shouldn't be able to report it.

#4 The "right" way is not to get rid of net neutrality. The 1% of users are still paying for what you're advertising. You should advertise to everyone what is and isn't available and treat your customers equally. Lunch buffets have been dealing with this kind of thing for a while without false advertising or "shaping" the food available to the over-eating 1%.

Comment Re:Why trust in the media is at an all time low (Score 1) 920

I wouldn't consider them upstanding but they are at least honest about their views. Whether or not you agree with them is another thing entirely, but making up stories about them seems to be the status quo lately.

I'm getting tired of this excuse. "Let's just agree to disagree". No. Trump uses the office of the president to outright lie to the American people. Whether or not he knows he's lying is beside the point. In fact, if he really believes in all the crap he spews then it just makes him even more despicable.

However, the point you were replying to was basically saying it's OK to stretch the truth in order to attack Trump even more. For the record, I'm not on board with that. These people have enough factual dirt to shine a light on.

Comment Re:The republicans will... (Score 1) 399

It's true that the cost of higher end housing would probably increase in SF because everyone living there would now have more money, but most of the people who stay can probably afford it anyway. To put it another way, it doesn't matter if the cost of housing in SF increases because the people who can't afford it (right now even) would have greater opportunity to leave and spend time finding a job somewhere else. Moving and job searching take time and money. This is what UBI offers.

Comment Re:Not every single research project pays off... (Score 2) 92

Your argument seems to be that we should pass the blame from corporations to everyone else. Yes consumers are stupid. Yes congress is way too easily manipulated by the corporations. That doesn't excuse anti-competitive, price-gouging behavior. And remember, corporations are people. They have a moral obligation to play fairly for the good of society. Don't let them fool you into thinking they'll go out of business if you don't give them everything they want.

Comment Re:Welcome to 2014 (Score 2) 89

I think you're confusing Google Voice with an SMS handling app. It's more of a backend service that forwards messages to any number of anonymous phones allowing you to give out just one number. If someone sent an MMS to that number (provided by Google Voice) it didn't go through and you would get an email with the picture attachment. Group chat was/is impossible.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1560

What do you call Libya and Syria, just for starters?

I would call them civil wars. We (and other nations) just provided air support after things got nasty.

Hell, at least Bush got authorization for his war against Iraq - Obama just ignored Congress completely and bombed the country for months.

The question is what exactly does "war" mean. Is just bombing a "war" without ground invasion? Does the war powers act require authorization for *any* military "help"? Iraq was certainly a "war" by any definition, and Bush may have had approval from congress but it was still (arguably) a violation of international law. In any case, there's no comparison between Bush and Obama interventions in terms of lives and taxpayer cost.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 2) 1560

That depends on your definition of "at war". We've officially withdrawn from Iraq. We still have advisers there, but we never completely withdraw from anywhere. Troop levels in Afghanistan are also lower than they've been in a decade:

Especially considering he didn't start *any* wars, I'd say it's pretty easy to argue that he was better than Bush.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 5, Insightful) 1560

The republican won't meddle in middle eastern affairs? The guy who thinks the Iran deal was "bad" isn't more likely to lead to nuclear or regional wars? What planet are you living on? Nuclear war (or traditional war in general) with Russia is extremely unlikely no matter who takes office. More importantly though, we're already at cyber war.

Comment Re:The problem is the half-measures. (Score 1) 78

I agree with your statements about the camera and speaker modules, but there's more to it than that. The point is swapping and customization. Aside from the fact that the camera mod sucks, a hobbyist photographer would love to just keep that kind of thing on their phone mostly all the time. The biggest complaint from DLSR users is that they hardly ever have it on them when they need it. Not a photographer? Get a different mod. Almost everyone would appreciate a bigger battery mod. Someone might just want swappable style covers because they're more into fashion (much like swappable watch bands). Personally I'd like a thinner wireless charging cover for day to day while having a battery extender mod ready for vacations. Battery extender cases are bulky, ugly, and cover your usb port. It's too bad motorola only puts the wireless charging in their battery extenders and not in the style covers :\

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