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Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 0) 629

Trump is two years older than HRC.

Also, have you looked at Trump's waistline? The suits hide a lot of it, but it seems quite unhealthy to me.

Trump also sat for the entire CiC interview while Hillary stood during various portions of it.

And Hillary has released a professional statement from her doctor while Trump's doctor released a statement that sounded like it was written for Kim Jung Un.

...written for Kim Jung Un....that's some funny stuff right d'ere!

Comment Re:Double bind (Score 4, Insightful) 1431

Texter gets what he deserves vs. more cop brutality. My brain can't handle it.

Really? He deserves to be shot to death for texting his 3-year old during the previews? The PREVIEWS! His child has no father now because the stupid old man couldn't let it go. I've watched the previews before while someone ahead of me is texting - you look UP to see the movie, DOWN to see the phone in the row ahead of you. I can't believe how many posts are applauding this - a man is dead.

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