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Comment Re:Anonymous shills and astroturfers (Score 1) 215

But this is the exact kind of evil political use that this stuff is going to be used for. It doesn't make it right because you're using it on Republicans. If anything it makes it MORE wrong because of your acceptability standard...because when they turn around and use it on you they'll have had your prior support.

Comment Re:I can't think of a non-evil use for this (Score 1) 215

See, someone has already drank the kool-aid. :-) Identify personality traits...sigh. You speak in the language of big brother. So once this method/technique/software gets outside of whatever biolab it is currently sequestered in how long, you think, before it's used for police phishing expeditions.

"Hey Bob, I'm bored...ever since they legalized pot I've had nothing to arrest people for for no reason. What's this I hear about linguistics and personality traits?"

There are MILLIONS of people in prison in this country and this is just going to be another excuse for our soccer-mom-busybody overlords.

Comment I can't think of a non-evil use for this (Score 5, Interesting) 215

This is so bad I don't know where to begin. There is nothing, ever, that excuses this. For every zodiac crazy serial killer or copyright scofflaw they try to apply this to (and fail) there will be thousands and thousands of people that will be persecuted by organizations and governments for expressing their opinions. While this won't have a big effect in the West for half a generation, oppressive governments are going to be all over this.

And then, in ten or fifteen years, the youth will have grown with this technology and become accustomed to it...accepting it. Just like facebook has been accepted.

I'd move to Mars when it's possible but some bureaucrat will analyze everything I've ever written on the interwebz (and I've been mostly not stupid about shit I've written online since 1995 or so) and make some arbitrary decision about how I'm not acceptable because I'm not a huge fan of authority or some such crap.

Way to go humanity.

Comment Re:My Kickstarter project ran into the Apple wall (Score 1) 471

Sorry, didn't want to spam, but www.hiqautomation.com. We did build one for Android and it works pretty well. And like one of you said...most our beta testers ended up using it when they were not in their car...usually out working on the lawn or something. One guy we have testing told me about the time his wife got locked out of the house but she didn't have an android phone, alas! :-)

We're doing a release in about 2 months...ordering the parts for the first fifty units just after xmas.

Comment My Kickstarter project ran into the Apple wall too (Score 3, Informative) 471

My partner and I came up with a device that allows you to open a garage door with a smartphone. Just a box with a relay and a Bluetooth radio. When I started looking into whether or not we could do this for iPhone I found apples "Made for iPod" program...their hardware licensing scheme.

The first thing they asked for was our attorney's contact information.

A quick search showed me that it was going to cost in the ballpark of $20,000 to deal with Apple's bullshit. So that didn't happen.

Comment Re:Oh Well (Score 1) 178

Agreed. I used to read the NY Times several times a day. When they put up their paywall, even with the easy workarounds, it dropped off my radar. I even wanted to pay...but at the time (and perhaps they still are) one had to pay extra for each device class you wanted to use...$X for web access, $Y for tablet access and $Z for phone access. This worked out at the time to be something like $50 a month...for a NEWSPAPER.

I've heard claims that this is akin to the PBS model...with a minority of people overpaying for content/service and the majority using the product for free. Seems okay for PBS but economically backward for an organization like the NY Times, imho.

Submission + - Open your garage with Bluetooth, HiQ iOpener via Kickstarter (kickstarter.com) 2

joshamania writes: "My partner and I have just launched a Kickstarter project for our company HiQ automation. Our product, the HiQ iOpener, allows one to activate your existing garage door opener with your Android phone (and iPhone by Q3-Q4). What geeks might be interested in though is that you can activate anything carrying less than 1 amp of current. Our app is designed for garage doors, but Daisyworks has an OSS app that will work with the same chip we use to trigger the relay(s)."

Comment I once worked for IP lawyers... (Score 1) 184

"To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries."

So that's how the constitution reads...I was asking one of the younger attorneys at the firm about the "limited time" if the application of the Sonny Bono copyright schmutz didn't make copyright, in effect, unlimited.

His response, verbatim...and I am not shitting you:

"Unlimited is a limit."

The law is whatever they want it to be folks.

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