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Comment Re:Not invented there (Score 0) 44

No this is 'merica and we lead the world in spying on its own citizens, the only proof you need is its 'merica and nobody out does us.

Infact sir, by you even suggesting that our commy "friends" didnt copy us, well your just anti-merica and your probably a terrorist, and a commy, thats like double anti patrotic...you socialist nazi

Comment Re: Or so they say... (Score 2) 142

It was also congress that insists that they stay.

Honestly this whole blame the president is getting tiresome, this is a failure of the US government and all branches should be held accountable...our government is a embarrassment and there is no one side that is more embarrassing then the other..they are all corrupt cronies without a ounce of humanity to them.

Comment Re:Federal vs. local decision (Re:I like...) (Score 1) 643

I think his argument is rather horrible, that being said...your statement isn't any better, how do you know he is a liberal? even if he is, what does it matter? there is no liberal collective consciousness that makes them all alike, also, last i checked its still a country where you have the freedom to choose your own beliefs...or do you want to get rid of that?

Im not saying what he said was right, what i am saying is how you responded to it is equally wrong.

Comment Re:The Relativity of Wrong (Score 2) 315

All he really is pointing out is the ignorance of man. We believed it was flat for so long simply because we could not see a curve, but yet it still existed and its still a ball. You cannot have a flat ball. If you look at it from a distance you dont wonder if its a flat land or a round ball. It isnt nearly right, its completely wrong and only human ignorance would say it was 'nearly right'

No it was very much 100% wrong, nearly zero is not zero. Thats like saying 2+2 is nearly 5, its technically true, but utterly wrong, math is absolute.

Comment Re:Space Drive or Global Warming? (Score 1) 315

Science works regardless of what you think, scientist try to figure out how it works by working together and following a very practiced method that, underneath it all, is developed to bypass human mistakes and its own ego. Therefore, when you get 90% of them to agree, there is a very good probability that it is in fact happening. What do you want 100%? you mean like the bible and god.

You know what, fuck it, i don't care...in the future, years from now, when everyone is dying off, at least your the one that looks like the idiot.

Comment Re:So after years of panic... (Score 1) 250

There are still plenty of IP, but so many companys just buy them up and sit on them like they are a old childrens toys that need to be preserved in a box to keep value.

Lets face it, these company's are hoping to make money on them when the demand is high, its just a typical move in a oligarchy

Comment Re:citizenship is irrelevant (Score 1) 272

"This is a pretty reliable method of creating new terrorists."

You would think this would be obvious, but it either is not to the assholes in Washington, or they want it that way. More terriorst = longer 'war on terror' and that equals to bunch of contractors making loads of money, as a bonus, it gives them equal excuse to ignore the constitution, it also seems to give the court system a way to also ignore our constitution.

Im normally not into the conspiracy theory bullshit, but when the shoe fucking fits...

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 338

My job is fixing VPN for remote employees, im sure every single one will disagree. The internet is a HUGE part of are economy now, about as important as roads, electricity. More importantly, its a new way company's are finding a way to charge extra for things you cannot see. FCC just said sure, lets take this father.

The way you simplified such a complex problem down to once sentence and threw in game console to continually minimize it (even though it has nothing to do with anything we are talking about) was a bit of a joke. Makes me wonder, did you think of this simple statement yourself or did you hear something like that from a ideologue.

One more thing, the phone 'want' is considered a necessary utility and is treated as such

Comment Re:Money money money (Score 1) 163

Thats a really really bad analogy, do you know what a firewall is? do you understand the difference between a logical network and err pipes....cause its a world of difference.

Networking systems do have shutoff valves at critical places to stop the flow of bad information before it causes critical damage (at least a decent secure setup, it certainly can be done without great expense). In 20 years the tech industry has done more to protect information then the oil company's have done to protect their oil in 80.

Comment Re:Famous last words (Score 1, Offtopic) 179

you never did answer his questions, infact, you seem to shut the argument down rather quickly which leads me to believe you dont have one.

If his logical fallacy is wrong, whats your argument? how is it that our temperature in a 100 years has grown so fast when normally stuff like this takes thousands of years. Do you really believe that cutting all these trees down and dumping all the co2 in the air is ok? if so why do you believe that? Do you not understand how greenhouse gasses work? If so, explain how dumping a bunch of co2 in the air is ok, if not go read up on it and then answer my question...its ok, ill wait....... What about how the temperature has risen with the co2 levels to a frighting degree of similarity?

There are alot of reasons to believe man is involved, can you provide some logical reason why man is not involved?

Please provide some intelligent argument, your little one liners are cute and amusing, but in no way do the explain the opposing side, infact...i have never really heard a opposing argument, no logical explanation for any of my questions and many more.

Comment Re:Except (Score 1) 455

Strange, id been charged like .50 on a 3.00 purchase before, i wasnt happy about it but i understand the retailers need for it.

On another note, retailers up the price at there own peril. Free market is just that, and things are generally prices at the line it could be. If a widget that cost .10 to make can be sold at 5.00 it will be, if it can be pushed up to 6.00 it will be...if its pushed up to 6.00 and nobody buys it, then its going to go back down to 5.00....

A really good example of this is the gaming consoles that get sold at a loss, this is because they cant sell it for anymore. Companies claiming taxes and credit card fees raise prices are really just lying, they raised prices because they can get away with it because the market can still move it.

Comment Re:In other news ... (Score 1) 367

First, it was worded weird, your response from the former response makes it sound like Facebook is mandatory to receive power and water..

You could have worded it like "the government already requires you to get water and electricity" Instead of continuing on the theme of "it is already mandatory"
Dont call me dense because you dont know how to clarify your statements

The first link you gave was just to be hooked up to a proper sewage. While i hate defending the worse state of all time, Florida, it does seem likely this ruling is based on health reasons, sewage not going to the proper place has caused many diseases and is a health risk to not just her, but everyone around her. Nothing in there about electricity though.

The second link you gave, is about international people getting together to figure out a safe way to build buildings (you know, so blocks dont burn down and shit like that) It has noting to do with international law...Its a policy that the international community all agreed was good practice and country's created laws on there own...no grand conspiracy here.

But hey, far be it for me to tell you what you do or do not want to live in, plenty of country's don't have building codes or sewage requirements, by all means go live there...Swim in your shit and other peoples shit as far as i care. Want to burn alive in a building because its unsafe without proper exits? not my problem...but dont complain because i want some standards when i go to a building, public or private.

Out of all the stupid shit our government does, and there is alot, minimal safety standards, fire code, sewage requirements, these things comfort me...i dont want my water to contain my neighbors piss and shit, nor do i want my house to burn down because my neighbors start on fire.

I know, you want your freedom to burn alive and drink piss...i want to the freedom to not do that, thanks....

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