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Comment Re:2011: (Score 2) 164

As an long time AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) I think this is great. By the way, the thin pieces are called plates and they are 1/3 as high as the regular bricks For more about the adult LEGO hobby check out my club's site www DOT michlug DOT org

Deodorant Sought to Save New Zealand's Native Birds 102

New Zealand researchers have received a NZ$600,000 grant to develop a deodorant for native birds whose strong odors make them easy targets for introduced predators. Since the birds evolved without any mammal predators they emit a very strong odor compared to birds in other parts of the world. Canterbury University researcher Jim Briskie says kiwis smell like mushrooms or ammonia, while kakapo parrots have a hint of "musty violin case."

Comment Stone money (Score 1) 491

There is an interesting example of money that requires a lot of effort to create but is totally useless Google: yap island stone money Speaking of useless, prior to the 20th century, there was no practical use for gold

Comment Re:PREDICTIONS ARE IN (Score 1) 288

Why is it any more OK for Apple to lock down a handheld media device than it is for the MPAA to lock down your set-top-box?

1) You do not have to buy an Apple; you can get other smartphones. But much of America has no choice but to get TV from their cable company. I cannot get FiOS where I live (been on waiting list for 4 years) and trees prevent me from having satellite. So I'm stuck with that set top box. You know, the box I shouldn't even have to have if Comcast were to use a STANDARD to encode their digital so that my Media Center could work without an IR blaster? That box right there.

2) Apple is a vendor. Comcast is a vendor. The MPAA is not a vendor. You cannot choose to or not to purchase from them. They insidiously work behind the scenes on crap like this, whereas you know up front when buying an Apple that it's locked down. It's a minor but notable distinction from the point above.

If you live in southeast Michigan I have a chainsaw that can solve your satellite problem. (This is my first slashdot post by the way, starting out with a wise-ass comment)

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