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Operating Systems

Submission + - Can Apple really penetrate the corporate world?

coondoggie writes: "Apple, long a ghost in the corporate-infrastructure mainstream, is beginning to cast a shadow as IT departments discover Mac platforms that are being transformed into realistic alternatives to Windows and Linux. A number of factors are helping raise the eyebrows of those responsible for upgrading desktops and servers: for example, Apple's shift to the Intel architecture; the inclusion of infrastructure and interoperability hooks, such as directory services in the Mac OS X Server; dual-boot capabilities; clustering and storage technology; third-party virtualization software; and comparison shopping, which is being fostered by migration costs and hardware overhauls associated with Microsoft's Vista. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/022707-mac-o s-going-corporate.html?page=1"

Submission + - Mighty Key - how much key, and how much mighty?

LoveDemon writes: "A new and rather interesting portable bundle offers several security features in one go — Plug and Protect — making data encryption as simple as plug and click, providing anonymous browsing and automated backup, claiming to be your New Computer Key.
I find this to be more eloquent than my bungling self:

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