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Submission + - Look out systemd! There's a new troll in town!

lesincompetent writes: It looks like finally all the systemd hate has sublimated onto twitter.
This twitter user maintains that 'systemd is the Donald Trump of #linux' and — besides reporting all the bullshit sysadmins from around the world have to deal with — features an insulting profile picture juxtaposing Lennart Poettering's and Donald Trump's hair style.

Submission + - SothinkMedia Giveaway: One May Get a Lifetime Sothink Blu-Ray Copy Totally for F (

albertsmithssmp writes: During this giveaway campaign,all that you can get are below:

1.Everyone can download a special free version of this handy Blu-ray copy software, with the only exception that this free version is not eligible for future upgrades.

2.Win a Normal Lifetime Version of Sothink Blu-ray Copy.
If you want a lifetime version of this amazing Blu-ray copy software with the option of free future upgrades, then you can submit your valid email address and you might have a chance to win it. There will be 10 pieces of free accounts being randomly sent out per day during the 20-day giveaway period.

3.30% off on Some Hot Selling Sothink Products
During the giveaway period, SothinkMedia is also giving 30% discount to anyone who wants to purchase the lifetime versions of some specified products.

More information about this giveaway at:

Submission + - Has Google given up on the maps community?

lesincompetent writes: Have you noticed lack of progress in mapping or missing details in your Google Maps neighbourhood? Missing locations or terribly inaccurate information? Betteridge's law apart there seems to be something very wrong within the Maps/Map Maker projects, manifesting mainly as edits taking months to be reviewed and applied (showing a dramatic absence of Google Reviewers) and most worringly as an ominous and totally deal-breaking bug which is preventing some comprehensibly frustrated volunteers from adding new roads or paths everywhere around the world.
The official thread for this bug goes way back to February 9th.
Something is gravely amiss. The Google Map Maker tool bears embarrassingly no resemblance to a Google product.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupidCauseTheSubjectIsTFA (Score 1) 224

No it's not well known, but it is frequently asserted by people who want to spin things that way.

Believe whatever makes you sleep at night.

So, people used to argue that abolishing slavery was against the public interest, as it would damage the economy, ruin long-held family estates, etc. Would you consider abolishing slavery to be immoral? No? I see.

You're being willfully trollish and ignorant. We're done.

So it comes down to what you think is "in the public interest."

Very easy to tell when you're not being willfully trollish and ignorant. But then again your whole thought process could be flawed courtesy of the horribly butchered american indoctrinational system.

I, for example, don't think it's in the public interest to establish and maintain a dependency-creating welfare state.

There we go, now you tore off your mask. Just another right wing reactionary propagandist at work.

people suddenly evil an immoral when they seek to persuade legislators to see things their way?

Yes, because legislators ought to act in the public interest because - as it is the case for the US - the alternative is plutocracy.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupidCauseTheSubjectIsTFA (Score 1) 224

No, the US calls it "freedom of assembly and speech," and it's protected under the very first amendment of the constitution.

What a peculiar spin you've got there!
It is well known that the US is not a democracy but a plutocracy so even if i were to concede your point i would be simply pointing out another way for the rich to have their way against the public interest, simply because granting this (very much bent) definition of "freedom of speech and assembly" grants them the economic upper hand.
I don't care how you spin it, anything against the public interest is clearly IMMORAL.

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