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Comment Re:Simulates (poorly) threading in one or two thre (Score 1) 133

JScript.NET is basically Javascript, and it also works with strong typing, and threads. It's been around for more than a decade. Microsoft doesn't really support it, but JSC is a javascript compiler that can create .exe's and .dll's out of javascript, and it is still included with .NET and is on every windows computer with .NET installed.

Comment Re:No it's not (Score 1) 133

Slashdot is a laughing-stock and has been for quite some time. I just came here for the popcorn, and the expected salty commentary from the neckbeards about why Javascript is the worst programming language ever created. They are the ones that don't get it, and they are also the ones who are sliding into irrelevance.

Comment Re:left-pad (Score 1) 133

Nope. All the cool kids would write it as "const foo = ( ) =>;

Ugh, this is the worst part of "the new javascript", ES6. People don't even know what 'const' is for and they misuse it everywhere.

That said, I love Javascript and have been working with it for 20 years, so I can say with confidence that the haters here are mostly ridiculous and lack understanding of javascript and why it works the way it does.

Comment Re:oh goody! (Score 1) 478

Apple hardware is not the best, especially the MBP 2011 variety - Apple was sued in a class action for the 10s of thousands of 2011 Macbook Pros that died suddenly due to overheating. The replacement logic boards from Apple also die after just a couple of months of use, and nothing can fix that - the 2011 MBP is doomed to failure, and it's just a matter of time before yours dies too. Just google "2011 mbp class action" if you don't believe me.

Comment C64 BBS Scene (Score 2) 181

I was one of the first guys "in the C64 scene" to get a 2400baud modem, but quickly found that the RS232 i/o code in the C64 was inefficient and was causing errors, it couldn't handle 2400 bits per second. So I modified one of the most popular C64 terminal programs with my own assembly code that was fast enough to handle the new speed.

Also worked on code for a few "elite" BBSs for C64 importing/cracking groups. I still have the print-out of the C64 BASIC code that ran one of these sites, tattered and faded. I'm still writing code today and looking back, the line lumbers make me shudder.

Shout out to TychoB who ran TCE - good times with multi-line C64 BBS fun!

Comment Re:Curly braces = good. Indents = bad. (Score 1) 173

I have 37 years expereince programming and while I find curly braces absolutely mandatory, the semicolons are something I could do without. I don't need them to find my way around code, but I include them for people who complain about "missing semicolons" in languages where semicolons are optional.

Comment Re: Curly braces = good. Indents = bad. (Score 1) 173

I refuse to use any language based on significant whitespace You couldnt pay me enough to do it Yes Ive used Python and others and I know why I hate significant whitespace so much It is just like writing sentences with no punctuation It is kind of like trying to read my comment Without punctuation it starts to look like a run on sentence

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