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Comment Re:Curly braces = good. Indents = bad. (Score 1) 173

I have 37 years expereince programming and while I find curly braces absolutely mandatory, the semicolons are something I could do without. I don't need them to find my way around code, but I include them for people who complain about "missing semicolons" in languages where semicolons are optional.

Comment Re: Curly braces = good. Indents = bad. (Score 1) 173

I refuse to use any language based on significant whitespace You couldnt pay me enough to do it Yes Ive used Python and others and I know why I hate significant whitespace so much It is just like writing sentences with no punctuation It is kind of like trying to read my comment Without punctuation it starts to look like a run on sentence

Comment Re:It's good to ridicule bad technology like JS. (Score 1) 43

Javascript is great, there are plenty of people that can see that - and you're a cranky old troll. Acting superior to others based on programming language preferences is a tired old thing to do. You may as well be huffing your own farts. While you're crying about how bad javscript is, millions of programmers are enjoying getting work done with it. Enjoy your obsolescence, neckbeard.

Comment Re:Senile? (Score 1) 951

He's only human after all. He got rich on the internet early on, then started a few more companies that are doing fairly cutting-edge things.None of that means he's on to something when he talks about our universe being a computer simulation. He's just as error-prone as anyone, the mind can trick itself into believing almost anything. I have no doubt that like other tech visionaries, he uses marijuana (maybe a little too much?), which could explain this line of thought. He's also a little too sure of himself, bolstered by the yes-men around him. The sad part is all the millions of Elon fans might hear this and start to think it's possibly true. It's a shame he said this publicly, it doesn't make him look smarter for having said it.

Comment Re:Have you migrated to qbasic? (Score 1) 341

You aren't familiar enough with JS to make this statement. JS is fast enough to do audio and video processing in real time. The fact that your web experience is slow is not the fault of Javascript the language, but likely the implementation of it by someone not experienced or not interested in their job, perhaps someone like you.

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