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Comment Re:Can we have a little less bias in the summaries (Score 1) 153

Ya, annoys me too. Slashdot isn't the worst, but for as long as it's been around, you would hope editors would clean it up before putting things up on the front page. (they already do clean a lot of stuff up).

To be fair though, if he changes "laughable" to "Interesting", I think it's fine. The thing about the lawyers didn't seem too bad. Lawyer jokes are pretty standard fair even at reputable news sites.


Submission + - Nvidia Doubles Linux Driver Performance, Slips Steam Release date (

leppi writes: Nvidia has announced the steam beta for linux should be out today. They also annouced an increase in performance thanks to Valve and other partner contributions to the driver.

Nvidia said “Steam gaming platform that officially opened to gamers today” while announcing new Linux-optimised version of the R310 drivers for its GeForce graphics chips, including the new GTX 600 series. According to the chip maker, the drivers “double the performance and dramatically reduce game loading times” of Linux games — at least if a test comparing the new code with version 304.51 while running Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 beta is anything to go by.

Comment Re:Price. (Score 1) 513

Agreed. They are competing in a market where apple is established and is about a 1:1 equal on price. Sure you have differences (more and less value on just specs, which is hard to believe, usually other vendors kill Apple on price/performance), but the build quality, resale value and hardware quality of apple is already known (and is pretty good) for 4 years now. The non-mac ultrabook price needs to come way down, quite honestly.

Comment Re:Glenn Beck is a fucking moron. (Score 5, Insightful) 413

You realize that when you speak like this about a person, you become that which you claim to hate (I guess you would claim to hate Glenn Beck, I don't know). That doesn't bother you at all?

I know the AC title is all about saying some kind of explitive joined with a derogatory ad hominem. But, This is EXACLTY the type of thing he would say about someone else! It's not productive. It just clouds your judgement and only speaks to people who only think like you do.

I know it's slashdot, I know "someone on the internet is wrong". But This was modded "Insightful". Really?

Comment Re:Why the fuck (Score 1) 97

OK, that wasn't really helpful... I'd delete it if I could. My point is: If we can't trust each other as an employee and employer (espeically in the world of software development, where you have really smart, creative people in the job), I will find a way to screw you and you will find a way to screw me. That sucks. I'd rather work for a company that trusts and respects its developers and puts in reasonable (relative term I know) limits to protect against mistakes.

Making it so I'm working at a dumb terminal to code is not a reasonable limit.

Comment Re:Why the fuck (Score 1) 97

Cubicle prison is Hyperbole.

Sorry, I just don't buy into the "the only way to guarantee software developers don't screw up is to lock down every single thing they do". I've worekd there. Bosses that monitor every URL visited by their employees, Companies that don't trust their developers to work, and instead make them fill out time cards for every 15 mintues spent on a task throughout the day (not for billing purposes), Internet firewalls that only let through a whitelist of sites, Full Disk Encryption on Desktop PCs so that build times go up by 4x but we can check the box with some IT blowhard, IT departments that control every single piece of software that goes on your computer, Threats of firing unless you comply with some silly IT regulation (really, you threaten to FIRE HIGHLY PAYED EMPLOYEES as a matter of general procedure??). Man, the list goes on and sounds whiny, I guess. But it sucks, it's an awful atmosphere to work in.

If I'm going to write software for you for a living, there is a better way. It's called trust. There are plenty of companies that trust their employees. Sometimes thieves steal things. No IT policy prevents it 100%, But draconian IT policies do prevent talented people from working at their companies. Some safeguards are good, not all.

The OP (AC) said "would you have ANY machine with access to the source code, connected in any way whatsoever to the outside world?". I would not work at that company. If I can't get to the internet while I work (and access the source code), I won't work for you. Call that entitled, call it childish, but I call it normal business in 2012. Software developers have options, and I bet if you have that culture at your company, they don't want to work for you and do it *only* because they are stuck there, or aren't good enough/motivated enough to find something better. (I'm speaking to the general you, not you specifically EDIII).

Comment Re:List of Airports to Avoid (Score 1) 169

It's a TSA regulation (and other governments have similar authorities). The airports and airlines don't have say about where the scanners are placed. If you search google you will find a list of airports, but they are probably out of date (idk?).

That said: you can opt out and get a pat-down, just like you would at the smaller airport. Just do that?

Comment Re:We already know soda drinkers are fat (Score 1) 388

Well, "be just fine" is relative I think. That is a ton of sugar, like 7-8 times the US recommended limit. Horrible for your teeth, contains no nutritional value, other than hydration, robs you of opportunities to eat foods that are actually good for you. So you consume 800 calories of pure sugar a day, that would either make you fat, or eliminate 800 other calories from your diet. which is a lot!!! like as much as a big steak.

Depending on your gender it is around half of your recommended healthy intake (even for active individuals).

Comment Re:OP obviously has not used an SSD before... (Score 5, Insightful) 405

Best investment/upgrade to a consumer device under medium and larger workloads, maybe once you get above 1GB of memory. And it's not even close. Benchmarks don't do the change in speed justice. All operations on the laptop feel 2x, maybe 3x faster. Some faster than that. You are replacing a link in your computer that was the weakest by 2-3 orders of magnitude. It's no wonder it is such a dramatic improvement.

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