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Comment What kind of science is that article (Score 1) 370

The problem with the methodology of greenpeace is that the energy used to power the "internet" (data centers, switching centers, telcos etc) is already accounted for all over the place, so it makes not sense to refer to it as a wholly independent entity. Now, talking about internet companies energy usage is a complete different beast worth of consideration.

Submission + - Skype down (

An anonymous reader writes: Skype is down

Submission + - Skype is down? (

JohnAGonzalez writes: Well, it appears that Skype access is down for a number of users. Their main support page already has a link stating that they are working hard to resolve the connectivity issue. Even attempting to sign in on their website fails.

Comment Re:Please let there be no X! (Score 1) 1089

Well, I use both all the time and I must say that VNC is superior to X11 network transparency in one important instance: if the connection between client and server goes down, the whole session is gone. Any applications using the now unreachable X server are killed and of course any unsaved data is lost. That one reason just pretty much rules out using X11 over a remote link like a VPN connection from home to work.

Comment Re:Missing option: (Score 1) 913

Well, the numbers I believe come directly from the IRS and from the 2006 year, if you take the time to compute the ranges, you can see that about 10% of tax payers either didn't pay taxes or received some money back. I really have no idea where the huge numbers that you used came from, although in fact I have seen some websites claiming that 50% of Americans don't pay any taxes (those outrageous claims are erroneous). When using the authoritative source for this particular statistic, progressive taxes don't seen so bad in the US.

Submission + - Northeastern sues Google over search patent ( 1

mytrip writes: Google faces a federal patent infringement lawsuit by Northeastern University over technology used in its core Web search system, according to legal papers filed last week.

The complaint was filed on November 6 in Marshall, in the Eastern District of Texas — the U.S. court with a history of decisions that are highly favorable to plaintiffs in patent cases — but the case only came to light over the weekend.

The plaintiffs are Boston-based Northeastern University and Jarg, a start-up founded by a Northeastern University professor that is the exclusive licensee of search technology patented in 1997, a year before Google was incorporated.

The case centers on U.S. patent No. 5,694,593, titled "Distributed Computer Database System and Method," which was invented by Kenneth Baclawski, an associate professor in Northeastern's computer science department.

Baclawski is co-founder of Waltham, Mass.-based Jarg, which was incorporated in 1998. He first published his method of searching and retrieving information from large, distributed databases in 1994, according to court documents.

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