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Comment Re:A good thing? (Score 1) 160

You pointed out that all the apple articles were only from non-approved sources, so i was just pointing out that the malware from this article is also installed from non-approved sources. i didn't mention anything saying android hadn't had any other malware infections.

you want only app store apps for apple? how about this one

and here is a proof of concept showing that apple isn't immune.

BTW, that took exactly ONE SECOND of Google-ing.

Research, THEN Post. Otherwise prepare to be outed as the pompous ass you are.

Comment Re:A good thing? (Score 1) 160

well if you are going that route then it should also be pointed out that this android malware also only comes from non-approved channels

from the article:

The malware is disguised as a porn app called Porn ‘O’ Mania. The malicious app is not found on Google Play and may be downloaded from third-party app stores, forums, or torrent sites. Users who have Google Play installed are protected from this app by Verify Apps even when downloading it outside of Google Play.

sounds like the infection vector for the examples i linked above for apple are quite similar to the one for android in this article.

i don't hate apple by any means, i just don't like it when people seems to think apple is immune just because it is apple. Both this and the articles above prove that if something stupid you are going to get malware.

Comment Re:A good thing? (Score 1) 160

Comment Re:You've Got Fail (Score 1) 33

AOL is the company that nicely sent out free floppy disks containing the entire internet to everyone back when the internet was small enough to fit on floppy disks. They later upgraded to CD's as the internet grew in size.

now that the internet has been upgraded to a series of tubes i am not sure what AOL is doing any longer.

Comment Re:Oh give me a break (Score 1) 349

Seems fairly straightforward.

depending on when she sold them the rights, they would need to find a contract that had been written 85 years ago to determine whether they actually had the rights to sell this to someone else.

this is anything but straight forward.

this is similar to the happy birthday debacle.

some of these items are so old that no one even remembers who actually owns the copyright any longer. that alone should help illustrate the problem with such long copyright terms.

Comment Re:By harmonizing to whose term? (Score 1) 349

I would view copyright terms as being too long, but it wouldn't bother me quite so much if they just limited the copyright increases to newly created works. The real problem is that they always extend it retroactively to already existing works, and are keeping items out of the public domain that would have landed their long ago under their original copyright terms.

Comment Re:Do Not Want (Score 1) 103

Yeah there probable is value. However, best case scenario there is something like a 30 minute round trip for communications to mars, so for a medical robot to have value in such an environment it would likely need to be able to do most procedures autonomously. with the doctor just checking on the outcome after it has been completed.

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