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Submission + - How Do You Stop Call Spam? (lenwood.cc) 2

lenwood writes: "I've been getting unsolicited calls from the same company for the past 2+ years, "selling" a lower APR for my credit card. They're quick to hang up if I ask them to remove me from their calling list, so they've never heard me say that. They've called from literally dozens of numbers (and area codes), so call blocking is no use. I'm at my wit's end, how can I put a stop to this nonsense?"

Submission + - Mobile App Market to Hit $16.5 Billion in 2013

krenerr writes: "For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, 2013 may be the year to develop apps for mobile devices and smartphones. UK based research company, Wireless Expertise suggests that the burgeoning smart phone market which will continue to rise dramatically in the coming year. Smartphone sales will rise from a meager 165.2 million in 2009 to an estimated $16.5 billion this year.

The mobile application market will also see an impressive increase, and it will open greater opportunities for the industry. With exponential growth predicted, App Stores are becoming more profitable than ever. Even Apple is feeling the competition as other big companies begin to infiltrate the market. Estimates are that companies such as Blackberry (formally Research In Motion), Symbian, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Nokia will all become very aggressive players in the app market this year. “We expect smartphone growth to have a positive impact on the number of application downloads in the short- to mid-term,” said Anuj Khanna, CEO of Wireless Expertise and author of the report.

As Google drives the market towards personalized, location-based search results geared for a mobile audience, app developers are rushing to meet the demand. Other mobile app development websites allow app-entrepreneurs to develop their own mobile apps cheaply for a monthly subscription fee. “We predict the emergence of independent mobile application stores which specialize in niche content such as games and location-based services,” says Khanna."

Submission + - MIT Scientist Not Worried About Japan Reactors (wordpress.com) 1

lenwood writes: "Detailed essay by MIT engineering research scientist Josef Oehmen stating in detail why he's not concerned about the safety of Japan's nuclear reactors. "The situation is serious, but under control... there (was) not and will not be any significant release of radioactivity." Very interesting read, and he's been updating it based on comments."
The Internet

Submission + - Westboro Baptists Stage Fake Anonymous Threat (siliconrepublic.com) 1

lenwood writes: "Last week there was a story on /. reporting that the hacking group Anonymous was staging an attack against WBC (http://politics.slashdot.org/story/11/02/18/2336216/Anonymous-Goes-After-GodHatesFagscom#comments). Turns out that this was a publicity stunt staged by WBC themselves. Anonymous issued a press release disassociating themselves from this."

Submission + - Rumor: Palm ditching webOS for Android? 8

An anonymous reader writes: Jon Rubinstein, in an internal Palm memo that will be released in full shortly, is showing support for Android to replace the webOS on the Palm Pre Plus. Citing competition with the iPhone and exponential growth from the Android operating system (specifically mentioning the Motorola Droid), the leaked memo first came as a confidential internal email to certain members of the software development branch of the company.

The memo partially states: "While Palm is incredibly proud of our engineers who spent timeless work and effort to bring us this advanced operating system, consumers simply have not caught on. To provide a better future for ourselves and our customers, the only logical choice is to transition our hardware and software to the Android platform."

WebOS won't officially go away (the UI and notifications feature, which have been heavily praised by reviewers, are more than likely going to be integrated, a la Sense UI, into the Android platform), according to the memo.

Software engineers are to begin working on Palm's own builds of Android as soon as the device maker officially joins the Open Handset Alliance, which other executives at Palm say could be as soon as next week. An official statement from the company is expected as soon as the union is made.

Palm Inc.'s stock took a nosedive earlier this month when it was reported that its projections for revenue were down 50% than initially estimated. On Friday, the stock fell $1.65, or 29%, to $4.00. That value remained relatively unchanged during Monday's trading.

The full leaked memo will be posted on wikileaks.org around midnight Eastern.

Comment Austin's Bad Example (Score 2, Informative) 585

I live in Austin. We recently got some new toll roads. The money for them was already allocated, but city counsel approved the decision to make them toll roads anyway. Then I learned that the company that has the maintenance/operating contract, Cintra, is a Spanish company. So we're not only paying for these roads twice, the profit leaves Texas. I'm boycotting the new toll roads, I hope the choke on them. I'm not opposed to toll roads in general. I recognize that the money for road maintenance needs to come from somewhere, but Austin is an example of the worst way to go about it.

Comment Marfa Lights = Lame (Score 1) 183

About five years ago I took a detour from a trip to Big Bend to see the Marfa Lights. Soooo lame. It looks exactly like cars driving down a distant highway. I can't imagine why anyone would want to spend more than 5 minutes there, much less try to explain them.

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