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"Tabletop" Fusion Researcher Committed Scientific Misconduct 161

Geoffrey.landis writes "A Purdue University panel investigated allegations against nuclear engineering professor Rusi Taleyarkhan, finding that he had in fact committed scientific misconduct in his work. Taleyarkhan had published papers in which he reported seeing evidence of nuclear fusion in the collapse of tiny bubbles in a liquid subjected to ultrasonic excitation — a finding that would be groundbreaking, if true, but one that apparently could not be replicated by other researchers. The allegations against Taleyarkhan were made in March of 2006. A local Indiana paper gives the full list of allegations against Taleyarkhan, and the resolution of each by the panel. The full report (PDF) is also available. Of the nine specific allegations, only two were found to comprise scientific misconduct. The committee 'could not find any other instances of scientists being able to replicate Taleyarkhan's results without Taleyarkhan having direct involvement with the experiments,' but notes that this comes 'just short of questioning whether Taleyarkhan's results were fraudulent.'" We've discussed this gentleman's work and the scrutiny it has received several times, and members of the scientific community seem to have given him the benefit of the doubt in many cases.


Blaine561 writes: "In today's markets, everyone from amateurs to professionals alike experience losses sometimes. Since the bubble burst, investors have come to understand that managing losses is just as important as attaining profits. We have all found ourselves in situations where we have purchased stock that proceeded to trade down leaving us with a loss or a losing position that we had to fix."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Jane's Hotel Game - build a beautiful 5 star hotel (

hiddenobjectgames writes: "Jane's Hotel
Help Jane make her dream come true and build a beautiful 5 star hotel in Jane's Hotel! You begin with a small 2 star hotel at the outskirts of town and work your way to the top by upgrading accommodations and achieving an excellent reputation. Keep an eye on customer moods and make them..."


Submission + - Homeland Security - Domestic Spying

Anonymous Coward writes: "On September 19th, I wrote a letter to Mr. Peter King, expressing my outrage at the job he is doing. I wont elaborate on that, except to say the email was sent via the departments own website, so they had my IP address automagically. Five hours later, two attempts were made to crack my system. Unlike the thousands of others I've stopped, these two used black hole IPs, slow timing, the works. They wanted in, and they wanted to not be seen. Had this computer been normal, I believe the attack would have been 100% successful. It doesn't take Sherlock to connect the dots here. The department is investigating civilians for expressing a dissenting view. My plan is to record the actions of these Nazis and make it public. I call on the blackhat community for assistance. For Liberty and Justice against a tyrannical ruler!"

Submission + - AMD releases register specs for R5xx and R6xx ( 2

ianare writes: AMD has recently released register specifications for the ATI Radeon R5xx and R6xx graphic devices. This allows the OSS community to develop 2D (and theoretically 3D) drivers, given time. In fact, engineers from Novell have released a first alpha quality Open Source driver which currently supports initial mode settings. Although current work is focused on 2D, rather than 3D acceleration, this type of information sharing could conceivably lead to an OSS 3D driver.

Submission + - Developer calls for boycott of Firefox (

jantman writes: ""Boycott ad-blocking Firefox, urges furious web designer"

This designer feels that "Software that blocks all advertisement is an infringement of the rights of website owners and developers". I've never heard of these rights, but would sure like to find out about them. Apparently this gentleman has not heard of the rights of software users, and users of the Internet. I don't like giving press to such a thing, but you have to give this guy credit for trying to reverse the finally-working trend of web standards."


Attacking Multicore CPUs 167

Ant writes "The Register reports that the world of current multi-core central processing units (CPUs) just entered is facing a serious threat. A security researcher at Cambridge disclosed a new class of vulnerabilities that takes advantage of concurrency to bypass security protections such as anti-virus software The attack is based on the assumption that the software that interacts with the kernel can be used without interference. The researcher, Robert Watson, showed that a carefully written exploit can attack in the window when this happens, and literally change the "words" that they are exchanging. Even if some of these dark aspects of concurrency were already known, Watson proved that real attacks can be developed, and showed that developers have to fix their code. Fast..."
The Media

Submission + - Is Muslim the new N-word? (

husla3x writes: "I have been noticing that stories that use the word Muslim are being taken off of user submitted sites in minutes instead of the usual hours or days. That means that most of the top user submit and social bookmark sites are asigning editors to specifically remove these posting. I think this article has a very short shelf life so read it while you can."


Submission + - German police arrest admin of Tor anonymity server (

An anonymous reader writes: In a recent blog posting, a German operator of a Tor anonymous proxy server revealed that he was arrested by German police officers at the end of July. Showing up at his house at midnight on a Sunday night, police cuffed and arrested him in front of his wife and seized his equipment. In a display of both bitter irony and incompetence, the police did not take or shut-down the Tor server responsible for the traffic they were interested in, which was located in a data center, over 500km away. In the last year, Germany has passed a draconian new anti-security research law and raided seven different data centers to seize Tor servers. While back in 2003, A German court ordered the developers of a different anonymity network to build a back-door into their system. CNET's article has the full details.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Escort agency launches virgin service for geeks

6Yankee writes: A Dutch escort agency is offering a "virgin service" — and most of the customers work in IT. Says boss Zoe Vialet: "They are very sweet but are afraid of seeking contact with other people. They mean it very well but are very scared." In what might be considered a very cunning move, the three-hour-minimum appointment includes — a bath.

Submission + - IBM patents dynamic web pages

bluehat writes: From the patent 7,058,671: A method and system for delivering dynamic web pages in the INTERNET. Compiled programs embedding static queries to a database are stored on a server computer; view templates with HTML tags defining the layout of corresponding dynamic web pages and data tags instructing where and how to include each record of the query result into the respective dynamic web page are further stored on the server computer. When a dynamic web page must be distributed, the corresponding program is run, and the query result is stored into a shared memory structure. The query result is combined with the corresponding view template, by replacing the data tags with the associated records in the shared memory structure. The resulting web page is then distributed to client computers of the network.

Better start converting all your websites back to static page content. Seriously, folks this is not funny.

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